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Welcome to SteveGerber.com!

If you happened to land at this site by accident, my name (unsurprisingly) is Steve Gerber. I reside in Las Vegas, NV, because New York is too expensive, and Los Angeles, where I lived for more than twenty years, has become a tedious, impassable monstrosity of a city.

I'm a writer by profession, mainly of comics. Over the years I've created such characters and series as Nevada, Howard the Duck, Destroyer Duck, Sludge, Suburban Jersey Ninja She-Devils, and, most notoriously, Void Indigo—perhaps the only comic book ever to be deemed a "crime against humanity" for its perverseness, by a respected critic of the medium. (The critic and I are still friends, and Void Indigo wears its scarlet "C" as a badge of honor.)

For further details on my misspent adulthood, click the "Bio" button on the menu at left. For an extensive list of my work, click "Bibliography."

Thanks for visiting.

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