*Something* good had to come from feeling this shitty. I’ve lost eight or nine pounds in the past week.

For the first time in too many years, I’m under 200.

Probably won’t last long, but I figured I should try to enjoy it.

3 Responses to “199.5”

  1. Jason Sacks Says:

    Maybe I should try getting sick… well, actually not. Count your blessings anyway.

  2. Bart Lidofsky Says:

    I went on the Steven King diet; no, not from THINNER (that was Richard Bachman, anyway), but from IT: Lots of salads.

  3. Alex Krislov Says:

    Gee, Steve, that’s how I felt when I first got diabetes. “Geez, am I losing weight or what?” It was terrific until I landed in the emergency room.