I can’t tell yet whether the antibiotics are doing any good against the pneumonia. At times, I feel a *little* stronger, but then I get caught short of breath again after some minor exertion — like, oh, lifting a piece of paper?

I hate this. You know how some people are mean drunks? I’m a mean invalid.

I did make a little progress along the Road to Indifference today, though. The ex came up in a conversation, and I listened to what was said, flinching only once. It’s a step. Ordinarily, I would exit or terminate a conversation at the mention of her name.

I want to write more, but the energy’s just not there.

#####Purgation lyric of the day:

There’s no easy way to lose your sight
On the street, on the stairs
Who’s on your flight.
Old couple walks by, as ugly as sin
But he’s got her and she’s got him.

I might like you better if we slept together…

     — Romeo Void, “Never Say Never”, 1981

4 Responses to “Sub-Mutterings”

  1. anglian Says:

    Hey Steve

    Here’s a good purgation lyric:

    It’s past one o’clock
    You must have gone to bed
    In the night the Milky Way streams like the silvery Oka
    I’m in no hurry
    And there’s no point in my waking
    And disturbing you with express telegrams

    As they say, the incident is closed.
    Love’s boat has been shattered by everyday life
    You and I are quits, and it’s useless to draw up
    A list of mutual hurts, sorrows and pains
    Look – what stillness there is in the world
    The night has laid the sky under a tribute of stars
    In hours like these, you rise
    To address the ages, history and creation

    (Vladimir Mayakovsky)

  2. Alistair Says:

    I usually find Manchester’s post-punk band from the 70s, Joy Division, a favourite for purgation lyrics; especially their Heart And Soul song from Closer.

    “Existance well what does it matter,
    I exist on the best terms I can,
    Soul that is bent on destruction,
    The struggle between right and wrong,

    What will burn?

    Heart and Soul….”


  3. Alex Krislov Says:

    It must be me. All these lyrics make me think of what must be the cruelist lyric in rock history, from Ray Davies’ song “Misfit.”

    You wander ’round this town
    like you’ve lost your way
    had your chance in your day
    but you threw it all away.
    But you know what they say–
    Every dog has his day.

    As to the pneumonia, it’s not something you recover from real quickly, in my experience. It’ll leave you weakened for a while. My advice is not to push it–and remember that once you’ve had it, you’re prone to having it again.

  4. Mark H. Says:

    I’ve never had pneumonia, but I also get pissy when I’m sick. And I’m fairly cranky to begin with.

    As far as conversations about people you’d rather not talk about… I liked this girl in high school — let’s call her Jane. Nothing ever came of it, but she still managed to screw me over (however that happened). In college I had a friend also named Mark, and one day someone bounds into the room and yells to my friend “HEY, MARK, HOW’S JANE DOING!?” I about had a fucking heart attack; it’d been about three years since I heard my name and her name in the same sentence. My friend Mark just happened to have a friend by the same name.