Hard Time: Some Encouraging News

Taking a quick break from my break to pass this along:

*Hard Time* got a nifty little squib in the October-dated editions of *all* the DC comics, on the “DC In Demand” page. Space on that page is golden — and rarely devoted to a non-DCU, non-superhero title.

But it gets niftier.

We’re getting *another* “In Demand” write-up in the December-dated books, which hit the stores in October, right about the time *Hard Time: Season 2* #1 will be solicited.

DC *is* supporting this book in a major way.

8 Responses to “Hard Time: Some Encouraging News”

  1. Brian Spence Says:

    But it’s still a huge mistake not to get season 1 volume 2 out before this series starts. Can you clarify? Why is it so hard to produce a trade paperback, when the material is already complete? They just don’t have the funds?

    While we’re at it, why doesn’t DC advertise Vertigo books more in their superhero titles? Marvel used to have Epic ads in their superhero books, and I think it had a role in my ‘graduating’ to more mature comics.

    The advertising does sound really promising though.

  2. Ralf Haring Says:

    Supporting it, just not in the one way it really counts … with a second collection before the second series comes out.

  3. Alistair Says:

    I don’t know, who’s going to buy a t/p of a series in mid-stream apart from from us lot? Maybe better to wait untill 2nd series gets going and hopefully creates a renewed demand for Hard Time.

  4. Steve Gerber Says:

    Brian: Just a guess, but I think DC avoids advertising “mature readers” material — which all the Vertigo books are — in “all ages” comics.

    Ralf: There is more than one way that really counts.

    Alistair: “Maybe better to wait untill 2nd series gets going and hopefully creates a renewed demand for Hard Time.” I think that’s what Dan DiDio has in mind. I won’t pretend I’m not disappointed about not getting the TPB out earlier, but DC really is going out of its way to promote this book. And I have no doubt we *will* get that second TPB — and a third — and a fourth– if *Season 2* succeeds.

  5. J. Alexander Says:

    This is good news. Steve, it looks like you got some fans among the suits at DC. As for myself, I just can’t wait until HARD TIMES returns.

  6. Spence Says:

    I can see your argument, Steve, but I don’t agree with it. As I said, it opened my eyes to the potential for other kinds of stories in the comics format. DC doesn’t mind advertising R rated movies in their comics, after all.

  7. Tim O'Neil Says:

    Why did they go with the bulky “Season 2” tag? It didn’t really work for the Sleeper relaunch, because I think to a large degree the Season 2 tag inadvertantly sent the message that it was only for people who read Season 1. Not what they were intending, certainly…

  8. Steve Gerber Says:

    At the risk of alienating everybody, I’m going to declare that we’ve now officially reached the “comic fans constitutionally require *something* to complain about” phase of this discussion.

    I’m happy about the news from DC. If you’re bent on seeing only what you consider the negative aspects of it, there are lots of other blogs to read and comment on. *Pax vobiscum*, pardners.