Yahoo News: Move over Superman, the Arab super heros are here!

Mary forwarded this article to me.

No, it’s not a gag. (Even if somebody at Yahoo can’t spell the plural of “hero.”)

3 Responses to “Yahoo News: Move over Superman, the Arab super heros are here!”

  1. Tom Walker Says:

    A web search on Ayman Kandeel gives lots of sites, including artwork. He also appears to be a university professor in economics:

    Women having professional careers is a vexed issue in the arabic middle east. It has been said from time to time that the middle east may be complicit in the supression of palestine due to the progressively liberal views of that arab country without borders..

  2. Bart Lidofsky Says:

    It is notable that, outside of Israel, Egypt is the closest thing to a democracy in the Middle East (on the local level, there is a high degree of self-rule).

  3. Bob Kennedy Says:

    I don’t get the gag, Steve. Personally, I like the idea of Arab kids’ exposure to a heroic ideal that doesn’t resemble the al-Aqsa Martyr Brigade.

    I remember seeing ads for these comics in TCJ about a year ago, but never saw the actual product.