Simulated Holiday Cheer

Just a note to wish everyone well for this week’s holiday.

I’m still dealing with some health issues which, obviously, have limited my energy for blogging (to almost nothing). Nevertheless, I cling stubbornly to life — or it to me, I’m not sure — and work on *Hard Time: Season 2* continues to progress.

The rest of you stay well — please! Eat some solid food for me on Thursday.

In the spirit of holiday snarkism and apropos of current film fare, herewith a mini-parody (authorship unknown) that dates back to my high school days:

I keep a close watch on this heart of mine.
I keep my pants up with a piece of twine.
I’d love to hug and kiss you, dear divine.
Please say you’re mine.
And pull the twine.

May your sacrificial fowl be hot, juicy, stuffed, and loaded with tryptophan — and nothing viral.

6 Responses to “Simulated Holiday Cheer”

  1. Brian Spence Says:

    Hope you’re able to relax and get better over the holidays Steve. My family and I will be thinking of you.

  2. David Medinnus Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Steve!

  3. K Shane Says:

    Just a comment from another fan of your work that enjoys your blog.

    Thought you might want to see this Howard-related news article. Right comic, wrong cover:

    That’s some heavy company.

    Looking forward to your new work.

  4. A.L. Baroza Says:

    Snark aside, Steve, I hope you’re enjoying something that’s a writer’s equivalent of a four-day weekend, which is really the best thing about the Thanksgiving holiday anyway. And you stay well, too.

  5. Beth Says:

    Take it easy. I remember when I was writing full time the thing I was most thankful for during the Thanksgiving holiday was that I wasn’t going to hear from anyone for several days about missed deadlines. Then there was the year I was doing a lot of work for a client in England. Seems the British don’t exactly do Thanksgiving (hint: they don’t do the 4th of July either). Holidays ruined.

  6. Jason Sacks Says:

    Get better soon, Steve!