Things to Do

  • Write something about the linkage of authoritarianism to the spirituality fad to string theory to the willful delusion of individualism.
  • Leak some information about Hard Time: Season 2.
  • Ask self why, in a week when all the world is mourning the late pope, I’ve been missing Johnny Carson.

It’s been another tiring day, and — okay, I admit it — I took time out Sunday night to watch *Deadwood* and *The L Word*.

How can I live with myself?

4 Responses to “Things to Do”

  1. Spence Says:

    I was just thinking about how spiritualism seems to be the latest ‘fad’. Just like gays were around the time Will & Grace debuted.

    Is this a slow news cycle or what? I can’t believe the Pope is still headlining the papers over a week after he dies. Not a dis to the pope, naturally, just a dis to papers and the media.

  2. Marc Bryant Says:

    I don’t think anyone should hold a viewing of DEADWOOD against themself. I learn a little something useful, writing-wise, ever time I watch it.

  3. EK! Says:

    I’m dieing to know what’s happening with Hard Time! When will we see it again?

  4. Ryan Speck Says:

    Deadwood is possbily one of the greatest shows ever to come on television and I’m watching the DVD’s right now…

    But how can you bring yourself to watch The L Word? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a series so relentlessly dull, idiotic, wooden, two-dimensional in its characterization, and vapid. The people are wretched and I pray for their demise every moment they spend on screen, delivering the most wretchedly hand-wringing melodrama that I’ve ever seen.

    And to think Showtime cancelled Dead Like Me in favor of more pap like that.