It’s short tonight.

So let me use this entry to thank everyone for their comments on this effort. They’ve been very informative and entertaining. (More so than the blog, if you ask me.) And it’s been great fun to read posts from people I haven’t heard from in years. Guess this Internet thingy still has its uses.

Tomorrow, I really will leak a little something about *Hard Time: Season 2*, I promise.

2 Responses to “Time…”

  1. Marc Bryant Says:

    I re-read 8-11 of Hard Time last night. I like how the book started out about Harrow, but became much more of an ensemble cast driven story by the close of the first season.

  2. Justin K Says:

    Just let me know a definite release date. I am still kicking myself for not getting the first season. And I really need to let my LCS know. This is such a great blog.