Moving Right Along…

I’ve closed comments on the previous post. We were spending ‘way too much time on it. Honestly, I never expected it to generate so much discussion — though I probably should have. Humans are instinctively interested in the particulars of each other’s existence. Dr. Phil has built an empire on that principle.

4 Responses to “Moving Right Along…”

  1. Stephen Payne Says:

    I think one reason we’re like that is we want solidarity with other human beings — we want to know we’re not alone in the troubles we face.

    The other main reason? Deep down, we’re all voyeurs. There’s something deviously inherent in people to want to learn everything possible about others (warts and all) without revealing much, or any, about ourselves in return.

  2. Bart Lidofsky Says:

    Hey, Dr. Phil would have been able to handle the other situation. He would have said, “Get real! Now you’re cured!”

  3. mister_pj Says:


    I just got a chance to see the Man-Thing movie last night (finally rose to the top of my NetFlix queue) and was interested on what your thoughts on it were or if you had even seen it?

  4. Fred Chamberlain Says:

    Steve Payne, your thoughts definitely have merit. One of the most bizarre, but semi-regular, observations that my girlfriend or I hear after I have recently met and interacted with someone is how good a listerner I am and how I tend to avoid pushing for specifics in scenerios where someone hasn’t willingly provided them. While I believe I have always exhibited the firsttrait to some degree, I’ve no doubt that grad school was largely responsible in my achieving the second.