The two people most responsible for my career in comics are Roy Thomas, who hired me as a proofreader at Marvel Comics in 1972, and Dr. Jerry G. Bails, who, like Roy in his fannish days, had the patience and graciousness to correspond with, and take seriously, a 14-year-old nuisance with a million questions about artists and writers and the comics of the 1940s.

I’ve just learned from Mark Evanier’s blog that Jerry died this week.

I am greatly saddened.

5 Responses to “JGB”

  1. J. Alexander Says:

    It has been a truly sad week for comic fans. Not only has Jerry Bails passed away, but also Dave Cockrum.

  2. gordon Says:

    I never heard of Jerry Bails, but I’m sure that his patience with young people who loved comics as he did made his life very fulfilling as he saw the art form change and grow over the years by people like you.

  3. Jennifer Says:

    I am so sorry for your loss.

  4. Chuck Carter Says:

    Sorry to hear about Jerry – I seem to remember you mentioning him when we were at hotcity. Anyway – I’m glad to see you are still up and about – call me when you get a sec!

  5. Charles Bryan Says:

    This news made me sad as well. While I never met Dr. Bails, I knew of his work in fandom from reading articles by him and in reference to him throughout the years. We’re a pretty small community, we comics fans, and losing one of our key people, our “founding fathers”, is truly saddening.

    And, in a truly selfish note, it reminds me that time is indeed limited for us all.