The script I’ve been working on is finished at last.

I’m back on “vampire” hours — awake all night, asleep during the day — but I don’t even care. I got the work done. That’s all that matters right now.

In the next few days, I hope to do some more substantive posting here, on topics as varied as *Heroes*, my health, Doctor Fate, writer’s block, Zauriel, and cat psychology (alas, all questions, no answers).

I also have to devote a couple of days to cleaning the apartment. It’s been accumulating stains and cat hair for weeks while I struggled with that script.

To the reader who asked — I haven’t posted an Amazon link to Marvel’s ESSENTIAL TALES OF THE ZOMBIE collection, because, for reasons unknown, the title isn’t listed on Amazon’s U.S. site. (Mysteriously, it *can* be found on the U.K. site.)

More to follow, after I’ve had some sleep and sandblasted at least one bathroom…

8 Responses to “Finally…!”

  1. Forrest Says:

    Barnes and Noble (which does have it) has an associates program. BN also might suit your color scheme.

  2. mister_pj Says:

    I love the sandblasting the bathroom comment – is that just a bachelor thing? I’ve got to sandblast mine too. At one point this year I tried using the power washer in the shower stall in one of my bathrooms, as long as I wasn’t worried about getting wet it added a whole new dynamic to cleaning the facilities.

  3. Charles Bryan Says:

    You must be feeling somewhat better if you can face housecleaning. I know people whose homes always seem to be tidy and well-kept and I wonder “How do they find the time and mental energy?”

    And then I remember that the insane always have time and mental energy.

  4. Starocotes Says:

    It would be interesting to hear which script this was. How for in advance you have to work?

  5. Andrew B Says:

    Come on Steve,
    how about some hints about the good Doctor? Explain the link between Kent and Kent?

  6. Starocotes Says:

    Somebody postet a Dr. Fate drawing (I guess a cover) from Paul Gulacy. Perhaps some here would like to see that:

  7. Starocotes Says:

    Okay, since you need to be logged in to Comicbloc to view this image I’m trying something different:

  8. Starocotes Says:

    There it is, sorry for the many posts.