Prescience and Proxidents

Thirty-four years ago, I worked as a copywriter at an ad agency in St. Louis, Missouri. Between commercials, to keep my brain alive, I would lock my office door, turn off the flourescent ceiling light, and, by the glow of a little desk lamp, write…strange stories on my IBM Selectric. Most of those stories have been lost to the ages, but a few survived down the decades to be posted on my web site.

One such story is described on the site as follows:

“Conversion in a Terminal Subway” abandons all laws of physics, logic, and language in an effort to explain the real reason people want government, and the world, off their backs.

I doubt I’ve looked at the story since it was posted online in 2001. Tonight, while doing some long-overdue site maintenance, I skimmed a few paragraphs.

I found myself both amused and horrified.

It reads as if it could have been written last week. Just picture Karl Rove as the “high government source.” Eerie.

Don’t take my word. Read it yourself… if you dare.

WARNING: Bushies will be grossly offended by this story, even though it was written during the Nixon Administration. Parental discretion — you know, like W’s FCC wants to enforce on every adult in America — is advised.

One Response to “Prescience and Proxidents”

  1. Ryan Speck Says:

    I remember reading that story a few years ago when I first came across your site… It wasn’t one of my favorites, but I found it enjoyable in an odd way.

    Looking back, the writing style reminds me a bit of William Borroughs mixed with a lot of J.G. Thirlwell, all tweaked in a very punnish direction.

    Still enjoyable after many decades.

    I’m trying to follow in your footsteps from my cubicle even now. Hopefully with equal results.