Happy V-Day

It’s an extra special day for me, every year.

I try not to think about it, but sometimes fail.

4 Responses to “Happy V-Day”

  1. petetheretailer Says:

    Woah. Blog redesign. Interesting.
    Racehorses: A metaphor?

  2. Stephen Abrams Says:

    Hey Steve, what’s with the new layout?

  3. Steve Gerber Says:

    Hunh. I was playing around last night with several WordPress “themes”, looking for an alternative, because the one I’d been using causes a weird display problem in IE 7 — and the use of IE7 is about to become much more common now with the release of Windows Vista.

    (If you’re running Firefox, you’ve never seen this display problem and likely never will. The temptation to switch to that browser grows daily. I currently use a “front end” for IE called Maxthon. It’s wonderful, and somehow much faster than IE itself, but deep under the hood, it’s still IE, with all its quirks.)

    Oddly, though, I don’t recall experimenting with this particular theme. It’s actually not bad. (The racetrack banner has to be replaced, of course.)

  4. Forrest Says:

    Hands up everyone who spotted the jockey in the purple pants… 🙂

    I don’t know what your graphic design plans are, but there’s a (Brazilian) commercial artist who’s granted me a free commission, which offer I’m allowed to pass along to you if you want it. He does interesting and unusual work.