Frying in Deep Fate

I’ve been immersed in trying to solve a DOCTOR FATE storytelling problem for — uhm — a very long time.

The solution arrived yesterday, at a Starbucks near the intersection of Lake Mead and Buffalo in Las Vegas. I now consider this establishment holy ground. The pigeons and sparrows are oracles reading cake crumbs. The palm tree burns but is not consumed. Other delusions.

NEXT: Finish this script, go to L.A. for some medical tests, return, then move the blog and the wreckage of my website to a new server at Dreamhost. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the blog and the website may not be reachable for a few days as their new location propagates across the net.

Then I get to clean the house — it needs it; desperately — and start on the next DOCTOR FATE. Hopefully wearing my new glasses so that I can actually read what’s on the screen.

Feel free to ignore my rambling. I’m just so happy to have solved that problem…!

16 Responses to “Frying in Deep Fate”

  1. Starocotes Says:

    Some of this sounds great (the solving a problem part for example) and some sounds bad (the part about the eyesight and the doctors). I really hope you are well and all the doctors will tell you exactly that.

    I have another problem to solve but it’s really not to bad. I ordered a copy of Hard Time wie Amazon Marketplace (it’s not to easy to get a hold of here in germany) and unfortunatly found out afterwards that there are 2 different kind of TPB. Now I have issues 1-6 in TPB format and have to see how to get the rest of the series. 🙁

  2. Bob Kennedy Says:

    I lack your expertise, Steve, but in general I’ve found that most narrative problems can be elegantly resolved with a chainsaw.

  3. Forrest Says:

    Pleeeease title the new site The Wreckage Of My Website.

  4. Steve Gerber Says:

    Starocotes: There’s only one HARD TIME paperback collection, unfortunately, and it only contains the first six issues. Issues 7-12 of the first series and all of “season two” are available only in the 32-page format. Believe me, I wish that weren’t the case.

    Bob: The chainsaw approach wouldn’t have worked on this one. It was gratifying, in fact, to find out that the solution really *was* as complicated as I thought it was. A lot of information had to be conveyed in very little space and as part of a transition between scenes. It’ll look ridiculously simple on the printed page — it does even in script form — but engineering the flow and sequence of that information had me stumped for days.

    Forrest: Nice idea. Thanks.

  5. Stefan Immel Says:

    Ah, okay, then it was NOT a mistake. I thought perhaps the fact that the TPB was 1/3 of the normal price had made sense.

    So I have to get the rest in single issues . Good to know.

  6. Brian Spence Says:

    Starbucks is a holy place? You’ve changed, man.

    Just kidding.

    I think you should go with the Mark Evanier model, where the blog basically is the web site, and the links from the blog support what he talks about in the blog. Just an idea.

  7. scott Says:

    Excellent! Isn’t it great when that happens? My favorite part of writing. I’d love to grab a bite with you, while you’re in town. Let me know!

  8. scott Says:


    Isn’t it great when that happens? My favorite part of writing. I’d love to grab a bite with you, while you’re in town. Let me know!

  9. Stefan Immel Says:

    Okay, so now I read the TPB and am very intriueged what will come next. So I’m thinkibng about buying the remaining 6 issues of season 1 and the 7 issues of season 2 but I’m still a bit reluctant because season 2 was cut short. Does the series have a defined end? I’m not taling about a happy-everything-is-good but I really would hate to buy the remainder of the books if the last issue just trails off to nowhere.

  10. Charles Bryan Says:

    Stefan, “Hard Times” does have a defined end — and that’s all that can be said without major spoilage.

  11. Charles Bryan Says:

    Yikes! I just posted the above and got sent to a page filled with warnings — and then I remembered the site move mentioned above.

  12. Starocotes Says:

    Thanks for the info charles, I guess I will order it then, that’s all I needed to know. And the page with warnings is something I got the last few days posting here.

  13. Steve Gerber Says:

    What did this warning page say?

  14. Stefan Immel Says:

    Uhm, I don’t remeber anymore, doesn’t matter since this was the OLD page, since the new one is up I guess this will come through without problems.

  15. Stefan Immel Says:

    I can’t remeber and since this was on the old page I guess it doesn’t matter anymore. This is the new page and a whole different thing, right?

  16. Starocotes Says:

    Oops, my post DID come through.