Having, Wanting, Wiping

Got new glasses yesterday. I can now read what I’m typing here. I’m hoping this will make work go faster.

Also got a new vacuum cleaner yesterday and spent hours sucking up dust, debris, cat hair, cat litter, and, probably, the remains of ancient submicroscopic civilizations hidden in the carpet.

My burning ambition now is to clean a bathroom before starting on the next *Doctor Fate*.

(“Your life might be a meaningless void if…”)

I’m also going to write that long-postponed item on my health, because you may be hearing stuff about it elsewhere, and I’d rather you read it here first.

11 Responses to “Having, Wanting, Wiping”

  1. Jack Holt (Bgztl) Says:

    I’m also going to write that long-postponed item on my health, because you may be hearing stuff about it elsewhere, and I’d rather you read it here first.<<

    I just don’t know enough internet etiquette I guess, but I hope you’re doing well.

    Some of it is pure selfishness. I like your comics.

    But most of it is because mortality is a blessing and a curse. Hope you’re feeling better.

  2. Stephen Abrams Says:

    Obviously I don’t know what’s going on with your health right now, but whatever it is I hope that you’re doing well or improving.

  3. Starocotes Says:

    Yeah, the health issue doesn’t sound good as well. I really hope it isn’t as serious as it sounds and that we can look forward to many issues of “Countdown to Mystery” (if that’s the title after all).

  4. Forrest Says:

    There are many ideas to be had from cleaning the bathroom. Ernie Kovacs: hand reaching out of bathtub drain. Stephen King: finger reaching out of sink drain (and toilet). Possibly Mop Man. That leaves the shower curtain…oh, wait, Robert Bloch.

  5. Jim Bosomworth Says:

    (continuing from Forrest)
    And what about that stupid rug that fits around the bottom of the toilet that must stay there because it blocks demons from invading Earth? (Really, it’s not good for much else, and can be pretty annoying)

  6. Charles Bryan Says:

    All of that reminds me of Rick Veitch’s Question mini-series from a couple of years ago, when creepy bad guys knew they could come up through the toilets in Metropolis because Superman wouldn’t X-Ray-vision people’s bathrooms.

    And you know what? I don’t Superman would do that, which made that outre element work for me.

    On a more serious note, Steve, we’re thinking good thoughts for you. I hope everything is as well as it can be, if not even better. While the tone of your post was a little spooky, I find optimism in buying vacuums and cleaning with a vengeance born of the true, just hatred of teeny-tiny worlds. Motes? Smote.

  7. J. Alexander Says:

    Steve, I hope that whatever your health problems are that you are battling them successfully. This has been a bad month healthwise for my family and friends (breast cancer and a small stroke, among other things). Keep up the fight and continue to write.

  8. Ade Brown Says:

    Best wishes for the health, Steve.
    And I for one am glad that DC are giving your Doctor Fate a boost with the “Double A-side” 🙂

  9. Bart Lidofsky Says:

    Re: Cat litter.

    A) Have you tried cedar based sawdust litter (Litter Green, an alfalfa based litter, used to be THE stuff, but Clorox sold it off and the company that bought it went under). Less mess, all organic, you can flush it down the toilet.

    B) Does your vacuum have a hepafilter? There are plenty in the under $200 category, and a number in the under $100 category. With your problems, all you need is allergens screwing with your immune system.

  10. Jack Holt (Bgztl) Says:

    Cat litter choices.

    Finally a subject I’m an expert on!!


    My wife can’t get enough of the little buggers!~!

    Of course, you KNOW who changes teh box. . . .

    I’m fairly certain Howard the Duck never changed the box, Steve. You’re doing something wrong. . . .like me, I guess.


  11. Brian Spence Says:

    I’ve been gone for two weeks and the new place looks GREAT! Very nicely laid out and professional. Beyond that, cryptic messages about your health are tough, but certainly not as tough as what you’ve been through. If this is a long-postponed post, I hope that means that things are at least stable since you first wanted to write about them. Best wishes in that regard, anyway.