My New Favorite Wallpaper

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“A Little Motivation”

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And here’s a link to the home page of InterfaceLift, where you’ll find an incredible collection of free wallpapers and icons.

14 Responses to “My New Favorite Wallpaper”

  1. Brizoni Says:

    Good call.

  2. Charles Bryan Says:

    If people followed that advice, the internet would decay from disuse, and/or the entire economy would collapse.

    Better to just print it out and paste it on the television.

  3. Steve Gerber Says:

    I may just do that.

  4. Brian Spence Says:

    I just added it to my desktop, gracias! I’d seen that site before, it’s a good one. That, and

  5. Andrew B Says:

    Hey Steve,
    any chance you could send us some new Dr. Fate tidbits? 🙂

  6. Lisa Marie McLauchlin Says:

    That’s funny.

    Just wanted to say thanks, Mr. Gerber, for petting my wild puppy when you stopped over to pick up Jim one of the days that you were in L.A. If I had known the severity of your situation then, I would not have let Sugar Daddy leap upon you as he did. So, thanks for putting up with him and I and our bad doggie manners and I am apologetic if we caused you any pulmonary problems later. I hope to see you again after you get your surgery. lisa marie and sugar daddy

  7. Allen Montgomery Says:

    Hey, I’m probably the last to know, but speaking of your work…

    Got my comics-by-mail order form yesterday, and in it there are solicitations for: a new Howard mini-series; a new Omega maxi-series; and (under the Marvel Max imprint, no less) a new Foolkiller mini-series. Three Gerber #1’s in the SAME MONTH! But… waitaminnit… none of them has your name in the credits list! I mean, what the hell?! Doesn’t that seem a bit… much?

  8. Forrest Says:

    I wish I had money, so I could refuse to spend it on counterfeit products.

    Oh wait, I do have some money!

    :refuses to spend it on counterfeit products:

  9. Steve Gerber Says:

    Lisa Marie: I love animals. Sugar Daddy didn’t cause me any distress, and if he had, it would have been worth it. He’s a very sweet dog.

  10. Steve Gerber Says:

    Re: the Omega, Foolkiller and Howard the Duck projects: I too was taken somewhat aback that all three were scheduled for the same month, but I’m not upset about it at all. Mostly, I just find it funny.

    No, really — I do.

    Marvel and I have managed to reach an accommodation concerning these characters, and, frankly, I have somewhat more urgent matters on my mind these days.

  11. David Allen Says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the accommodation regarding Omega was the chance for Steve and Mary to more or less finish the original series, a la Thomas and Giordano’s 30-years-in-the-making Dracula adaptation?

    And that the accommodation for Foolkiller was not only a “creator” credit but a classy reprinting of the miniseries? Or even (I love the name) an Essential Foolkiller?

  12. Steve Gerber Says:

    No, the accommodation didn’t include any of those things, but I too would love to see a reprint of the Foolkiller limited series. If anyone wants to lobby Marvel for that, please do! Bombard with requests — and demand that the book be recolored using contemporary techniques. Marvel’s not crazy about the art on the limited series, but I don’t think it’s occurred to them that it would look infinitely better with a modern approach to the color.

  13. Allen Montgomery Says:

    I don’t want any of the details, but are you saying that you would benefit in any way from us buying these new comics? ‘Cos I gotta say, Farel Dalrymple’s take on Omega is pretty smooth.

  14. Steve Gerber Says:

    No, I won’t benefit directly from the sales of the books. If you’re interested in them, pick them up. If not, don’t. Either way is fine with me. (I guess the medication is working.)

    I like Dalrymple’s work, too, by the way.