Doctor Fate Tidbit

The overall title of the eight-part Doctor Fate story arc in COUNTDOWN TO MYSTERY is “More Pain Comics”, a mildly perverse tip of the helmet to the title in which Fate made his 1940s debut:

More Fun Comics

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  1. Starocotes Says:

    You are one SICK man 😉

    How far is the story progressing, or is it done allready, writing wise?

  2. University Update - T-Pain - Doctor Fate Tidbit Says:

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  3. Brian Spence Says:


  4. Steve Gerber Says:

    It’s about half-finished. I had to do some rethinking and restructuring when we went from ongoing to limited series format.

    I’m currently working on the chapter that introduces Inza, which, I promise you, is unlike any introduction of any Inza you’ve seen before.

  5. Forrest Says:

    Um…if you’d said “I just threw a disguised ‘Peace’ Barwick into the mix for fun” I would know who you meant…

  6. Starocotes Says:

    Inza? Now I’m intrigued, apppaled, confused and some others things at the same time.

    Can’t wait to finaly get the book.

  7. Charles Bryan Says:

    It may be too late for this series, but if and when it’s collected as a trade, it’d be great to have someone work up a logo for “More Pain Comics”.

    I can’t wait either — is September 19th still the magic day? (Pun semi-intended.) Just in time for the following significant day?

  8. Jack Holt (Bgztl) Says:

    Inza, eh? Why do I get the feeling it’s not exactly who we’re expecting?

    Also is the title refelctive of the story content? Or just a sly nod? 😀

  9. Steve Gerber Says:

    We have a “More Pain Comics” mini-logo that we’re using on the title pages of the stories. (Unfortunately, I don’t have a color shot of it to show you yet.) If and when the stuff is collected as a trade, I’m sure we’ll do a larger version.

    By the way, this title was a collaboration of sorts between myself and Joey Cavalieri. I originally wanted to call the arc “More Phun Comics”, but Joey discovered a prior use of that title as a gag in some other story. It was he who suggested “More Pain”, which (to answer Jack Holt) suited the story’s tone and which I loved immediately.

    I wasn’t aware September 19th was the release date of the book — nobody tells me anything — but that sounds about right.

  10. Andrew B Says:

    Surely these coincidences point to something else? It’s far too improbable that Kent Nelson had a grandnephew called Kent Nelson who becomes Doctor Fate and befriends “Inza”. Three things come to mind…

    1) The spirits of Kent and Inza have returned to the mortal plane and through some cosmic transference, once the previous age of magic died… Fate has intervened… although quite twisted.
    2) This is the “Earth-2” Doctor Fate
    3) Its just coincidence and it’s a brand new Doctor Fate

  11. Starocotes Says:

    Uhm what is significant about september the 20? Could someone enlighten a german?

  12. Steve Gerber Says:

    Andrew B: It’s just coincidence.

    Starocotes: September 20th is my birthday. I’m pretty sure most Americans don’t have it marked on their calendars, either. (And I’d rather forget this one, anyway.)

  13. Doc Says:

    hope you update her ‘shining path’ affiliation. that action is pretty 70s. falun gong? or if you’ve got a couple, these folks,

  14. Steve Gerber Says:

    This Inza’s likeliest affiliation would be with a small press association.

  15. Doc Says:

    heh. how subversive. 🙂


  16. gordon Says:

    Happy Birthday, Steve,,,

  17. gordon Says:

    (just a month early)

  18. Starocotes Says:

    The Solicitation for November is up with the cover to CtM #3.

    Click here.

  19. beau Says:


    Your b-day will stick; it falls within the roaming period in which Autumn starts (although that’s 2:51 a.m. September 23 this year.)