Sorry I’ve Been So Quiet

It’s been an odd time. I’ve been dealing with a new antidepressant, a creative crisis, a painful realization or two (some wounds really don’t heal), and, as of last night, a combination computer and financial meltdown.

Loads of fun, not your problem.

I’ll resurface sooner or later.

12 Responses to “Sorry I’ve Been So Quiet”

  1. Fred Chamberlain Says:

    Let me know if there’s anything that I can do for you. Take care of yourself.

  2. Gordon Says:

    Sounds like the rest of us Americans!

  3. jb Says:

    Hopefully the meds and the crisis aren’t connected. I had a lot of trouble in the past with anti-depressants completely wiping out my creative drive.

  4. Starocotes Says:

    @Fred: I know at least one thing we can do: buy at least two copies of Countdown to Mystery.

    @Steve: All the best wishes to you from germany.

  5. Robert W. Getz Says:

    Thank god for the wild and woolly world of psychotropic pharmaceuticals, without which I’d surely be even more of a gibbering, hyperanxious mess than I usually am. Just say yes!

    And not to go all bad-poster-on-the-fridge on you, but hang in there. You’re in my drug-addled, serotonin-inhibited thoughts.


  6. Matt M. Says:

    Steve, best wishes as well from central California. Re-reading ESSENTIAL MAN-THING currently, and there’s just so much comic goodness between those covers that there oughta be a law against it. Not sure if there’s anything that can be done from the gallery here, but if so, just speak up.

  7. Jeff Albertson Says:


    Hang in there and take care of yourself. Looking forward to Dr. Fate!

  8. Alex Krislov Says:


    If I can help, call. And l’shanah tovah.


  9. Charles Bryan Says:

    Well, I know (based on earlier posts, at least) that you posted that out of thoughtfulness for us, your wee webfans, and not to elicit a bunch of sympathetic responses. Too bad! I hope things will go as well as they can, and maybe even better.

    Besides, I think we’ve all been kind of quiet lately here, too.

  10. Starocotes Says:

    I hope this cheers you up:
    CtM: Buy Two

  11. JBMD Says:

    HEy, I dont know if you know, I am an MD working on Non-heartbeating lung donor research as a means for sorces for lung transplant. Anyway, Im form north carolina so I really dont know the lung transplant status in CA. Might want to check on those options for lungs.
    Oh, I am also a big fan of Dr.FAte…

  12. Cory Strode Says:

    I hope the new meds help. I worked with depressed teens for 18 years and have struggled with it myself, and while it never goes away, the right meds make it almost bearable.

    And yeah, I’m buying another copy of Dr. Fate to get a friend hooked. Then HE can buy two copies.