Updates and Excuses

The update: UCLA wants me to have another right-left cardiac catheterization — an angiogram, basically — before they put me on the transplant list. Since having all those stents inserted, I’ve been on Plavix, a blood thinner, and I have to be off that medication for the transplant operation. A new cath procedure should reveal whether or not it’s safe for me to go off Plavix. I’m hoping this procedure can be performed here in Las Vegas, and soon.

The excuses: DC is desperate to get the next Fate script, so my postings here will be even spottier than usual for the next week or so. If I have any hard information to pass along, I will. Don’t expect much in the way of musings, though.

Burrowing in. See you soon.

5 Responses to “Updates and Excuses”

  1. Cory Strode Says:

    Loving the book, and it sounds like the medical news is good as well. Burrow away…we’ll wait.

  2. Starocotes Says:

    The update: I wish you all the best for all the medical exams and I hope that you really can go off Plavix so the transplant can be performed.

    The excuse: For one we are desperat to get the finished book in our hands so it isn’t that bad. But I still would like to know if it’s still part of CtM, or something different.

  3. J Cochrane Says:

    Steve I’ll tell you this,

    I really wish you all the best in this next set of tests- All the nest.
    Reading your notes each time I come by I think back to my father who passed away a handful of years back- he was having a heart attack for 6 hours before he even went to the hospital- I think about how much I miss him.
    I think about all the great great stories of yours I’ve been lucky enough to read over the years and how this blog lets me get to sorta be apart of your life.
    At risk of seeming morbid I just wanted to tell you Thank You.
    We’re all rooting for you- you’ll be right as rain- if not only because your gift of story is still as strong as ever but most certainly you have so much more to say. I wish you well.

  4. scott Says:


  5. Judy Ginsberg Says:

    So if you need the bedroom again let me know. Keep plugging on the book and try to stay healthy. As long as you are productive we can put up with not hearing from you. Hope to see you soon.