Killheadâ„¢ Music

Spike Jones and his City Slickers play the inspirational power ballad “I Like to Sock Myself in the Face”.

Who or what is Killhead? Well, he, she, or it is coming in COUNTDOWN TO MYSTERY #4 and is almost as weird as what you’re about to see:


Update 10/18/07: Unfortunately, this video has mysteriously been removed from YouTube by the user who posted it.

10 Responses to “Killheadâ„¢ Music”

  1. Pablo Eekman Says:

    Weirder than men with hatheads and sprays used as trumpety things? Does that mean an ostrich might be wandering about in Fate’s Vegas?

  2. jb Says:

    great stuff

  3. Bob Kennedy Says:

    Is it just me, or did it look like Doodles Weaver forgot the lyrics about midway in?

  4. Scott Andrew Hutchins Says:

    “This video is no longer available.”

  5. Stephen Abrams Says:

    What happened to the Foolkiller entry?

  6. Steve Gerber Says:

    I had second thoughts about the Foolkiller entry.

  7. Stephen Abrams Says:

    OK, thanks for clearing that up.

  8. Starocotes Says:

    Steve Gerber Says:

    October 18th, 2007 at 2:58 pm
    I had second thoughts about the Foolkiller entry.

    I’m not 😉

    I read up a bit about Foolkiller and the limited series is the part that sounded most interesting, much more then another Punisher clone (clown?).

  9. Steve Gerber Says:

    Second thoughts about the blog post, not the Foolkiller series itself.

  10. jb Says:

    This isn’t quite the same, but it might make up for the loss of the Spike Jones video- the weirdest You bet your life contestant ever: