THE PULSE on Doctor Fate

Sorry I didn’t find these sooner:

  • Bruce MacIntosh summarizes the Doctor Fate continuity and offers commentary on the new series on THE PULSE in an article entitled “WHO COUNTS IN COUNTDOWN to Infinite Crisis? – Episode 22 – DR. FATE”. (Feel free to comment on the commentary — politely. Lots of discussion on major news sites like PULSE can only help the book.)
  • There’s also a nice interview on the site with Doctor Fate inker extraordinaire Walden Wong, including some gorgeous black-and-white sample pages from CtM #4.

I’ve also done an interview with Jen Contino that should be appearing soon.

2 Responses to “THE PULSE on Doctor Fate”

  1. Stefan Immel Says:

    So, finally read the bit about Dr. Fate and have to say that they have sonme things very wrong. The “joint” version was not in the Flash backup storys but much later. (I guess Steve should know that since he wrote part of the Flash storys).

    The Waldon Wong interview has nothing essential new to tell but the page with Kent “floating” over Las Vegas with the bottle in hand is a nice preview.

    Can’t wait to read the interview with Steve.

  2. Stefan Immel Says:

    The Interview is now up at;f=36;t=006914