Still fooling around….

Another new look, with all the rough edges still evident.

Back to the old look for a while.

Managed to dodge the Kidney Lady, so we won’t even go into the details of that one.

The past couple of days have been hugely exhausting, but developments on most fronts have been either neutral or positive, so no complaints.

Need to get some serious work done this weekend, though.

14 Responses to “Still fooling around….”

  1. Starocotes Says:

    This looks kind of depressing with the lack of color. I liked the orangy look best so far.

    That you only have neutral or good news is mildly good to hear. Still praying for you.

  2. Dodge » Still fooling around…. Says:

    […] Here’s another interesting post I read today by stevegerblog […]

  3. Justin Newberry Says:

    Damn kids, always fooling around.

    Yeah, that’s all I got… Too tired and have to get a nap in before the mini-con…

    P.S. Saw Tony from JR Lighting (about 30. Bushy beard, always wearing a kilt) this evening at the club. He wishes you well.

  4. petetheretailer Says:

    Maybe it’s just out of familiarity, but I like the green best so far.

  5. Jason Fliegel Says:

    I jsut discovered this blog so I’m unfamiliar with any looks more than 24 hours old, so take what I say with the appropriate amount of salt. That said, I really like this look. It feels like the text is an island of solidity floating in ether, which seems fitting as that escription also kind of fits the Steve Gerber canon.

  6. Darren Schroeder Says:

    Iprefer the orange, but this is reasonable nice, and the positioning of the categories, archives, link etc. is a lot better on the right than at the bottom as the previous one placed them.

  7. Roger Green Says:

    The look is too muted. Either the green or the last one are better.

  8. Gordon Says:

    Just for the sake of voting, I liked what you had up yesterday the best so far…

  9. Wayne Says:

    I’d like to join the orange revolution please.

    Oh wait, I flashed back to Kiev 2004 for a sec there. But do count me among the supporters of orange.

  10. Gordon Says:

    still like the second one better….

  11. Dana Says:

    Ask yourself: “What are the colors of Steve Gerber’s brand?”

    Or, as as some one else once put it:
    “If Steve Gerber was using its Internet nexus on to globally launch and develop participatory audiences for new branded characters and content for pan media exploitation through the unsurpassed talent of the self-same award-winning interdisciplinary creative and technical professional to pioneer the total convergence of entertainment and marketing media from traditional channels to the Internet – what colors would it be?”

    Your site.
    Your colors.

    Fish for fish.
    Not opinions.

    (Except with the Doctor thing…)


  12. Robert W. Getz Says:

    This is welcome news. Steady as she goes, then.

    Take it easy, Steve, and good luck with the work.


  13. Glen Gold Says:

    I just watched the Paul Lynde Halloween Special from 1976, with guests Margaret Hamilton, Billy Barty, Florence Henderson, Tim Conway, the Osmonds and, in their network TV debut, KISS. KISS rocked the house, Steve. I’m not sure who they made better foils for, Paul Lynde or Doctor Doom.

  14. Starocotes Says:

    The picture is back !!!!