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Hello.  Yeah, it’s Evanier.  I thought it was time to close all the old threads and open up a new one to talk about Steve.  A big Howard the Duck collection is out now.  Apart from the fact that we all wish Steve had lived to see it and receive reprint fees, does anyone have anything to say about it?  Or anything else Gerber-related?  Post it as a comment to this message.

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  1. StevenRowe Says:

    Have any of the Howard the Duck newspaper strips been reprinted?

  2. Ted Duffield Says:

    On Countdown with Keith Olbermann today on MSNBC, Keith mentioned that someone compared Bush to Batman and that Cheney is often referred to as Darth Vader. He then asked comedian Christian Finnegan what super hero McCain might be compared to, and Finnegan came up with Howard the Duck. While I don’t think he meant it as a compliment, perhaps any publicity that keeps Steve’s creation in the public consciousness is good publicity. Maybe a few folks will be prompted to go out looking for Howard reprints just in time to find the new collection.

  3. Bob Kennedy Says:

    They have not, although they were archived online for a time (Steve posted a link to them).

    A google search shows back issues of the Menomonee Falls Gazette featuring the HTD strip; that might be your best bet.

  4. Chris Smith Says:

    Marvel’s black-and-white phonebook-sized “Essential Man-Thing Vol. 2” collection was also just released on Wednesday. About half of it is devoted to finishing up Gerber’s run on the title, with a bonus Man-Thing story of his from the Rampaging Hulk magazine tossed in as well. I enjoyed finally getting to read the “Kid’s Night Out” story.

    Does the Howard omnibus contain the original letters pages? And has anyone read Gerber’s new introduction yet?

  5. Claudio Piccinini Says:

    Mark, thank you for keeping this page open! It’s great and, especially for us overseas, it helps a lot to keep a feeling of closeness with Steve.

    We have never had a proper publication of Howard the Duck here in Italy (and neither of Man-Thing), so it would be great if our Marvel publisher (Panini Comics, the former Marvel Italia), would decide to do something about it…

    A big hug to all of Steve’s family members…

  6. StevenRowe Says:

    Bob K: well i was buying the old MFG right from the beginning – so I have those. (and some old newspapers too) – but, I keep thinking that “complete” might mean complete! Thanks though.

  7. Brendan Totten Says:

    The Howard strips can be downloaded at:

  8. Alistair Says:

    I don’t like the cover for it; either one really; though I’d choose the Brunner one if I had to. They should’ve chosen the cover from HTD 8; that seems to sum everything about Howard.

  9. Michael Hawkins Says:

    I’m new here and just wanted to say I’ve always enjoyed Steve’s strange and thought- provoking stories and was sad to hear that he had passed on earlier this year.

    I’ve been enjoying picking up the Marvel Essential reprints featuring his work (Man-Thing, Defenders, Tales of the Zombie).

    One nitpick: The second Man-Thing volume doesn’t contain the Man-Thing story he wrote from Iron Man annual #3 (1976). Still one of my favorite Gerber stories, it involves the Molecule Man, Citrusville and Richard Rory gets a visit in prison from Tony Stark. I’m on my second copy of the comic because I read it to death as a kid.
    An original art page from the book is framed on the wall above my computer.

    Since I had been thinking about Steve’s work lately I thought I’d check and see if his website was still up.

    Thanks for keeping it up, as well as the new discussions and comments, Mark!

  10. Lee Thacker Says:

    I only found out about Steve’s death recently, utterly shocked, the world is a less interesting place without new stories from him to look forward to.

    I remember being quite disgusted when I discovered that Marvel were producing a comic about a talking duck (superhero fan that I was) but still recall picking up my first issue of HTD at the age of 10 while on holiday in Yarmouth. It was the Soofi issue and I found it both eye opening and confusing. I eventually tracked down Steve’s Man-Thing and Defenders issues (some of the most bizarre comics ever produced IMO).
    The ‘complete’ hardcover does not contain the newspaper strips and I have to agree that the variant cover is awful (although I opted for the Brunner cover and it’s okay).

    Steve paved the way for writers like Alan Moore, Dave Sim and Neil Gaiman, he was way ahead of his time and, as he mentions in his new introduction to the HTD hardcover collection, it’s quite amazing that Marvel were willing to publish the stories in the first place!

    My best to Steve’s family and friends, his stories live on and I will continue re-reading them until the end of my days.

  11. Miles Vorkosigan Says:

    I got started yacking with my friend Charlie about Steve, Howard, and Duke the Destroyer a few nights ago; Charlie’s got an almost complete run of Destroyer Duck, and laments the absence of the single missing issue almost as badly as he does Steve’s departure from this vale of tears… I’ve met a few guys in the comics biz, but not nearly as many as I would’ve liked. Steve and Will are the top two that I regret never getting to meet. Three, if you add Kirby to the list.

    This has been a shitty year. Far too many dead.


  12. David Allen Says:

    I wonder if anyone knows what future project(s) Steve was contemplating in his last few weeks?

    For those of us who followed his blog, he dropped hints of an imminent announcement, one that, sadly, never came. (Few were better at self-promotion and marketing, and coy hints, than Steve.)

    For instance, last Nov. 21: “I may have one or two surprises to discuss.”

    And Dec. 16: “… doing some preliminary thinking on another project I can’t discuss quite yet.”

    And there were more. I recall a later post in which he said whatever it was would be indefinitely postponed.

    Not that it really matters now. Just one of those tantalizing what-could-have-beens…

  13. Bradley Says:

    I’ve only recently started reading Steve Gerber’s work, but it’s been a real revelation. Frankly, I had no idea that anyone was making comic books like HOWARD THE DUCK or THE DEFENDERS back when I was a kid, and his recent work– especially HARD TIME– was just as good.

    Steve Gerber, it seems to me, is that rare kind of talent that actually lives up to the hype and exceeds expectations. I’m glad to see that he’s still able to command the attention and affection of such devoted fans.

  14. Stefan "Starocotes" Immel Says:

    The TPB of the Dr. Fate Part from Countdown to Mystery is out and so it is time again to remeber Steve, to again feel the great loss of a respected person and a great comic writer, and to thank Mark Evanier again for keeping this site up.

  15. Philip Shallcrass Says:

    Hi, Fellow Stevophiles,
    Huge thanks to Brendan for pointing me at the download site for the HTD newspaper strips. It really is criminal that they’ve never been reprinted. Almost as criminal as Marvel not letting the Duck stay with his creator. Just think of the years of wonderment we missed. I would love to have seen Steve and Howard tackle Bush’s ‘War on Terror.’
    Well, Steve, wherever you are, I trust you’re taking it easy and enjoying a chuckle or two.
    Love and laughter to all,
    PS. I don’t mean to suggest Steve was a one-trick pony by going on about HTD: I also love Nevada (the comic book – never been to the state) and Steve’s wonderfully strange run on She-Hulk. And, of course, Destroyer Duck … and Hard Times … and Countdown to Mystery … and … well, you get the picture …

  16. Doug Gorman Says:

    I was thinking about Steve today. I wish the world knew more about what he gave us. I don’t think Watchmen or Dark Knight or Cerebus or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to name a few would have been possible without him. He certainly meant a lot to me. Howard #10 is probably the single most influential thing I have ever read. It opened a LOT of doors for me and I walked through almost every one of them.

  17. Judith Ginsberg Says:

    I am feeling Steve’s loss this month. Last year this time he was here for tests and trying to get on the transplant list. I really do miss him.

  18. Charles Bryan Says:

    Two Morrows is offering a number of their magazines at sale prices — I just ordered a back issue of Back Issue that feature rememberances of Steve’s contributions to comics.

    For those interested, the sale ends Sept. 30th.

    Also, this Saturday would have been Steve’s 61st birthday. Wherever you are, Steve, or even if you’re nowhere, I hope it’s peaceful.

  19. Kath Says:

    Thank you to Mark Evanier and to Lisa and the rest of Steve’s family for keeping this blog alive. Steve and I had been friends since 1969 and I really miss talking with him. Reading all these postings has been immensely comforting. It is wonderful that his work has gained such appreciation and admiration from everyone. What I personally appreciated about Steve was his sense of humor and his never-ending curiosity. We had many conversations over the years about metaphysics, occult studies, spirituality, and, in the last few years especially, the afterlife. Saturday, September 20 would have been Steve’s 61st birthday. I hadn’t posted anything since his passing, because I just didn’t know what to say. The time is right, so I’ll let him say it. I heard from Steve recently. He’s resting, still thinking about story ideas and says, “My boat’s not rockin’!” Yeah, I know — this sounds too weird. But, if this message speaks to you, it IS for you. I hope everyone who reads this will do something special on Saturday to celebrate him!

  20. Lisa Ann Gerber-Bedell Says:

    Dear Kath,
    thank you for your comments about my brother, Steve. I did not realize my brother had a metaphysical orientation. I would love to hear more about your contact with him.please feel free to contact me. Do you live in Ca or the midwest?

    Sincerely, Lisa Ann

  21. haven o' terrorism Says:

    A happy birthday to Steve, wherever he may be. Words can’t express my thankfulness for his life; it is like trying to find words to express my thankfulness for my own.

    I’ll do something absurd and energetic and life-affirming today. Hello to the family, the friends, the fans, and Mark.

  22. Gordon Kent Says:


    Today would be Steve’s birthday.

    I think he would be stunned and maybe even delighted to know how much he affected the lives of so many in such a positive way.

    Happy Birthday, Steve — in whatever dimension or universe or plain of existence you happen to be inhabiting.

    Speaking only for myself, I miss you terribly.

  23. Beth Says:

    Didn’t know today was Steve’s birthday, thanks for letting us know. I haven’t been here in a little while. My computer went down and during the restore process one of the first things I wanted to recreate was this link. My connection. Steve, hope you’re celebrating.

  24. Kath Says:

    Just when you think you really know someone…..I’m not at all sure whether Steve had a “metaphysical orientation”, but he sure had a lot of questions! I think his readers can speak to that issue better than I can. Lisa, I’d love to talk with you. It’s been a really long time. Please write to me at [email protected]. And, I’m in Chicago.

  25. Charles Bryan Says:

    Actually, twomorrows Back Issue magazine featuring a retrospective of Steve’s work will not be out until November. I don’t know if there will be much information that is not already known.

  26. Alex Krislov Says:

    FWIW, today is Rosh Hashannah, the Jewish New Year. For the first time, I included Steve in my prayers for the dead. Kinda hurt.

  27. JB Says:

    I just wanted to say that I’m glad this site’s still around. Steve’s work and what he shared of himself here continues to be a huge influence on me. As I find myself going through hard times and facing tough decisions, even though I never knew him personally, I go back to things I’ve read in many of Steve’s works and posts here as guidance. He may have had flaws I’ll never know of, but the image of him I’ve built in my mind from his writing and the stories from his friends is one of the true role models for me in my day-to-day life.

    I often think back to his final issue of Howard where God talks about the importance of having grace and it’s something I struggle to fully understand. Sometimes I think Steve was the only person who could have really explained it to me and I wish I’d taken the opportunity to ask him.

    I wasn’t raised religious, but I’ve always believed that our greatest imperative is to treat each other as humanly as possible. It’s something I believe you can get from reading Kant as easily as you can from the New Testament. I also embrace Buddhist ideas of mercy, but I feel like the concept of grace is a much deeper concept – one that isn’t so naturally arrived at or easily rasped – and it’s not the kind of thing most people spend a lot of thought on these days.

    I’m thankful to Steve that he made comic books that even today inspire me to think about such issues.

  28. Glen Says:

    So very sad to hear of Steve’s passing, just found out today. Man-Thing was always a favourite title of mine, I first discovered these as Uk Marvel digest pocketbooks, not always the best quality black and white reprints, but his story telling shone through regardless.

    He took a so-so horror title like that and turned it into something very special indeed. True genius. I now look forward to reading some of his other material that I wasn’t familiar with.

  29. Mary Skrenes Says:


    Steve was absolutely fascinated with the 2008 Presidential Election. He listened to countless hours of political news and read untold publications and blogs. He listened to every candidate and could describe their thought processes and problem solving mechanisms in a wonderful, simple capsule of words.

    The Primary held his attention and distracted him in a mesmerizing way. He liked many of the candidates and could explain all of their strong and weak points.

    He told me that he felt a bit embarrassed to be drawn towards Obama. I asked why? He said, with a kind of sad passion, “Because Obama is offering hope and the possibility of change. It’s embarrassing that hope is now as gauche a concept as patriotism and patriotism has been preempted by the idiots who are waging un-winnable wars and bankrupting the Country.”

    The sound-track of this conversation, like every other for the past fourteen months, was the hissing of his oxygen mask.

    Steve died before the Democratic candidate had been chosen.

    I took him to vote for his birthday. Put his little smudge on destiny.


  30. Stefan "Starocotes" Immel Says:

    Steve was to me a wonderfull insight into american politics and one of the most memorable person to prove that the prejusdice many germans have about americans are not true.

    I would have loved to see his take on the current campaigns even more then I miss his Dr. Fate.

  31. Jeff Z Says:

    I get the feeling that he’d hate to see the Republicans chortling “hort hort” (see HtD MAX #1) after stealing this one…

    However, I also feel he’d be thrilled to see that Bush is now a pariah to both parties (even the one which wants to continue his policies), leaving office in as much disgrace as-and with lower approval than- Nixon.

    It would’ve been amazing to see Steve’s take on Sarah Palin; his Anita Bryant slam was classic….

  32. Jeff Z Says:

    By the way, Mary- any chance Marvel would let you finish Omega the way you and Steve intended? I was facinated by this series and was hugely disappointed when the promised Defenders follow-up wasn’t written by the two of you. The Letham thing was close to incoherent, though I’m sure it was well-intentioned. Even without Steve and Jim Mooney, it would be so nice to see this series tied up after 3 decades. Like when Brian Wilson got to put out Smile….

  33. Forrest Says:

    And Nevada went blue.

    For the next four years this country’s gonna get down and boogie, see? Ungawa!

  34. petetheretailer Says:

    I wore my ‘Get Down, America’ button on election day as a tribute throwback.