More Tales of Steve

The mysterious person who’s posting a biography of Steve at this link has just added another chapter.  This one covers the years after Steve was ousted from his Duck…working for me at Hanna-Barbera, working in animation and suing Marvel.  As I kinda expected, the author got a lot of things wrong.

I’m pretty sure I know who it is.  What I don’t know is why this person is doing this anonymously or if they intend to do anything with this work apart from stick it on a website that few will see.

The latest posting also includes a scan of a comic story Steve wrote and published in his first fanzine in 1962 at the age of 14.  Not bad.  I’ve seen worse from adults working for DC or Marvel.

14 Responses to “More Tales of Steve”

  1. Justin Says:

    I just got Back Issue #31 from Twomorrows, which was the Steve Gerber tribute issue. I’ve read it cover to cover and found it very engrossing, informative, and touching. A must for any Gerber devotee.

  2. Starocotes Says:

    Steves last work will be picked up by Willingham and Sturges. Lets hope for the best:

  3. Bart Lidofsky Says:

    I was just cleaning out my address book. Gerber’s phone number was still there. Sigh.

  4. John Bedell Says:

    It was just 4 short years ago that I met Steve. I had married his sister Lisa, 2 years before and we were passing through Vegas seeing family along the way. Great guy.
    On another note I found a version of the ‘word comic book script template’ on the net, and I am going to see if I can finish up and correct what Steve was trying to do before he left. Hope to have something by the 4th of July.

  5. Bart Lidofsky Says:

    I believe I have a copy of that template lying around somewhere; I don’t know if it’s been updated, but he put that together in the mid 90’s. I got it from the Bingo Bango Bongo BBS, to show how long ago that was (I remember when he first put up his Compuserve website, I offered to register for him; he wasn’t interested). Let me see if I can find it (as it’s about 4 computers ago). I just looked through my archives; I can’t find the file, at the moment, but I found another file I downloaded at the same time (a Howard the Duck script Steve wrote) dated 10/15/1991.


  6. Garrett Says:

    It would appear that some of Steve’s work is still getting the shaft.

    One of Steve’s episodes of the old (and best, by far) G.I. Joe cartoon, “There’s No Place Like Springfield” Part 2, has been edited since its initial broadcast. And now, since someone (namely me) called Shout! Factory to task for this and other issues with the new G.I. Joe DVDs, we have an explanation as to why the episode continues to be edited for content. From Shout! Factory’s DVD producer on their message boards:

    “I have literally just received confirmation that the masters we used are identical to the original broadcast masters. Rhino did not touch these. In terms of edits, I can’t speak to them one way or the other. I know that a confrontation between a bazooka toting child and gun wielding wife prior to being melted is there. I was shown a video on YouTube of the “edit” which removed the daughter holding the bazooka entirely, which is not the case here. As far as the line of dialogue being kept or edited, I have no idea. I’m not nearly as familiar with these episodes as I was with Transformers.

    EDIT: Correction. I was sent just another email saying simply that this is the version of some of these episodes that the powers that be want out there. If there are “offensive” edits, this may be why. I cannot argue with the powers, gang.”

    And no, the episodes aren’t the exact same as the broadcast masters. I’ve confirmed a decent number of changes in the Joe set, and will be ripping it apart to find just how bad the damage really is.

    In case you’re wondering, the Powers That Be mentioned in the quote above are Hasbro.

  7. Daza Says:

    Folk might be interested to see some of Steve’s work on the Kiss comic:

    http://asylums. insanejournal. com/scans_ daily/730666. html

  8. JB Says:


    What would Steve have said?

  9. Stefan "Starocotes" Immel Says:

    I guess he would have laught, but that was my first thought as well. Steve believed in the cosmic thwart and this would fit perfectly with that.

  10. Judith Ginsberg Says:

    Just flipped my calendar and noted Steve’s birthday is the 20th. Missing my friend much.

  11. DBrusey Says:

    Just seen the Disney news – isn’t it crazy, so now disney own Howard – wish Steve could have seen this – he would have had something to say, they might even have let him write the character again – who knows

  12. Bart Lidofsky Says:

    To DBrusey: We ARE talking about Disney here, right? When have they EVER given respect to the creator of one of their characters, short of Walt Disney himself?

  13. gordon Says:

    Happy Birthday, Steve…

    You are not forgot…

  14. curtB Says:

    Since the theme is remembering Steve and the topic is more tales of Steve, could you do me a favor and reactivate the two untold stories Steve posted at his site, The Unpublished Duck, and The Unpublished Sludge. the 2 links are dead. Ive been a fan of his since Howard #1 and somehow missed his site until now.

    on an odd note, I just realized that if I had read the balloon kid news story in a comic, it probably would have been written by steve. And I mean that in a good way. It was so odd, with more just when you thought it was over, and then it got twisted even more by being revealed as a hoax. Of course Steve would have written it better, he would have even more to tell to the story if it was his, but as is it did remind me just a bit of a story he might tell.