This Blog

No one seems to be posting on this blog anymore, which is quite understandable.  A lot of folks seem to be dropping by to read it, which is also quite understandable.  Nothing written by Steve Gerber was unworthy of reading.

I am going to keep this blog online indefinitely but for a multitude of tech reasons, it’s going to be necessary to move it to a new server.  At the same time, Steve’s main page at is now full of links that go nowhere and it has some tech problems also.  So what I’m going to do is to rearrange some things, dropping out dead links and keeping to the extent possible his design and all the words he wrote and all the comments.

This may mean the blog and/or website may be offline or look odd for a few weeks but if so, it will all be back before long.

2 Responses to “This Blog”

  1. Brendan Totten Says:

    Thanks for your dedication to keeping the blog online, Mark. I do like to to drop by and look at the old entries. It would be a shame to lose a single word of his writings. Much appreciated.

  2. Michael Says:

    Another thanks for keeping this going! Oddly enough, I just thought to check in here after scrounging around the internet in hopes of finding a cheap copy of the HtD ’76 campaign button. No such luck!