“Shaking Off the Myst”

My friend Chuck Carter has just opened a new blog titled “Shaking Off the Myst”.

Chuck is a phenomenal digital artist, who was one of the designers of *Myst*, arguably the first megahit computer game. Chuck and I *almost* got to work on a couple of projects together a few years ago, but they fell victim to the dotcom crash. One rather bizarre digital sketch survives, however:

Big Duke

Yup. That’s a digital Destroyer Duck.

Chuck plans to talk about the history of computer gaming and graphics — and, I presume, the future of the field — from the perspective of someone who was there at the beginning. If you’re at all interested in game development or the evolution of computer graphics, you’ll find his opinions and recollections fascinating.

3 Responses to ““Shaking Off the Myst””

  1. Chuck Carter Says:

    Steve – thanks for the plug! And by gum if there is a God in my underpants, we will work together someday! Mark my word! Thanks Pal – and congrats again for losing that elephant that took residence on your chest all these years! May it rest in peace! Your friend – always!

  2. Dan Coyle Says:


    And that reminds me: might there be a chance someday of a Destroyer Duck collection?

  3. Steve Gerber Says:

    I’d love to see a Destroyer Duck collection, but it’s next to impossible. All the film was lost over a decade ago in the flood that inundated the offices of Eclipse Comics. Unless all the original artwork could somehow be located (and loaned out by the current owners), such a book would be a nightmare to produce.