Some Quick Notes…

  • I missed posting a couple of days this week. Since last Wednesday, when that good news arrived, I’ve been a little…disoriented. I suppose that happens when your world suddenly changes, and I’m finding out that it takes more than a few days to adjust to a radically altered reality. I’ve spent a lot of time in introspection the past week — too much time, probably — but I don’t think the self-re-examination is over quite yet.
  • Wizard‘s website did a short article on the Man-Thing film last week, including some snarky comments from me. Here’s the link, if you’re interested. There’s also a write-up on yours truly, Hard Time, and the rest of my alleged career in the current print edition of Wizard. (I haven’t seen it yet. Have any of you? How did it turn out?)

7 Responses to “Some Quick Notes…”

  1. Jim Brocius Says:

    Nothin’ like top-secret good news!

  2. Richard Bensam Says:

    Reality altered and nobody told me. This is SO typical. Still, if Wizard giving coverage to Hard Time is an example of the new continuum, it’s a vast improvement over the previous one…

  3. Alex Segura Jr. Says:

    Article turned out really well, I though. There were some areas that I felt could have used more elaboration (it seemed like in the feature your career fast forwarded btw breaking in and leaving Marvel), but as someone who was an editor at Wizard fairly recently, I know how stingy they are with space. Overall, a good read.

  4. Alex Krislov Says:

    Gerber, you really are a tease. Maybe you should start a contest, to see who can come up with the best “good news guess.” For example, I suggest that you’ve been contacted by the Dalai Lama, who has decided to cede his title, and Tibet, to you, so long as you promise never to give up smoking.

  5. Leviathan Says:

    I have a confession to make. A dreadful, terrible, awful thing, a dark secret so disgraceful that no man should have to live under its shame.

    I actually liked the Howard the Duck movie.

    Yes, I did. I liked it in sort of the way that I liked the better of Bill Mantlo’s “Howard” stories. Nothing like the real thing, certainly, and missing the social bite that Steve Gerber brought to his most famous creation, but not without its charm, with nifty creatures and a cast including such notables as Tim Robbins and Jeffrey Jones, both of whom simply looked like Gene Colan characters. It had a couple of really fun moments — “I have no license. I am not Jack.” — and an occasional zany sense of the ridiculous.

    No, it wasn’t a classic, and no, it wasn’t Steve’s creation, but there are wors way to spend 100 minutes.

  6. Steve Gerber Says:

    I gave up smoking three years ago. But I still sit in smoking sections at restaurants — yes, we still have smoking sections in Nevada — because I despise the way smokers have been treated as sub-human by the legions of the self-righteous. (Also because the air three feet away in the non-smoking section doesn’t seem significantly purer.)

  7. Jim Brocius Says:

    I heard somewhere that one of the reasons Alex Toth doesn’t go to conventions is that he resents being treated like a second class citizen/leper because he smokes.