DC Comics’ New Logo

New DC Logo


Maybe it’s just my eyes, but I swear it looks more like it says “DG”.

11 Responses to “DC Comics’ New Logo”

  1. Soon Says:

    Everyday that logo looks better and better. I want to play some ice hockey!

  2. dj anderson Says:

    I was actually thinking the same thing. The question is . . . what does the “DG” stand for?

    “Damn Gerber?”

    “Dumb Gerbils?”

    “Doesn’t Generate?”

    “Doubtful Greatness?”

  3. Tom Peyer Says:

    I don’t think it’s DG.

    (Squinting, tilting head)

    It’s 9G.

    Definitely 9G.

  4. Soon Says:

    Dick Giordano.
    Dynamite Gigilos.
    Denver Crack.

    Do you think the D is getting a cut of the slicing from the swoosher?

  5. Marc-Oliver Frisch Says:

    It’s a rather unfortunate design, really. They should have stolen Marvel’s idea and gone with two white, blocky letters in a colored, blocky block of bold, substantial nothingness.

    I also like the notion of renaming the superhero chapter of the company as “Action Comics” that was mentioned in Steven Grant’s column.

    But I’m not the one who’s paid for this crap, so what do I care.

  6. Forrest Says:

    Deutsche Grammophon. Featuring the Legion of Superconductors!

  7. gordon kent Says:

    It looks like DC to me… and it really doesn’t bother me to tell you the truth. I figure it’s only temporary — it’s not a timeless design. But few, if any, are things that are timeless.

  8. Bart Lidofsky Says:

    For a couple of years, the United States Boomerang Association (yes, there is one) has been searching for a new logo. It’s amazing how close the new DC logo is to most of the candidates…

  9. Mark Haden Frazer Says:

    Eh. You’re all daft. It’s “OC” -as in the highly suspect propaganda show that makes your average fanboy seem dashing, cool & able to attract hot women at the drop of a mylar bag.
    And honestly – if you were looking for advice about comics, would you really go to George Lucas????????

  10. Norman Boyd Says:

    The quote on the DC page says it all:
    “We’re talking about a multibillion-dollar brand,” said Kevin Tsujihara, the Warner Brothers executive vice president for corporate business development and strategy, whose portfolio includes DC Comics. “There was a level of concern that we weren’t fully utilizing the power of DC.”

    If you save the logo on the DC news page you’ll see THEY know what they are doing – it’s called ‘spin_news1.jpg’ and here in New Labour Britain we know all about SPIN – the alternative to reality!!

    And the other thing, what does the negative H in the letter ‘G’ stand for?

  11. Bart Lidofsky Says:

    It was used in the 10 minute preview of BATMAN BEGINS. Grey.