RSS Fixed — Again

For the past couple of days, there’s been another problem with the RSS feed, caused by a bug in the new version of WordPress. It’s been fixed.

3 Responses to “RSS Fixed — Again”

  1. Spence Says:

    So what’s this big news you’ve been hyping? Can’t wait to hear.

  2. Bob Kennedy Says:

    Yeah, Steve, you can’t just drop cryptic hints. Is it “good” as in “HTD rights finally reverted to you” or “good” as in “The lump is benign”?

  3. Steve Gerber Says:

    The news was personal, but neither lumps *nor* creator’s rights were involved. It’s not something I’ll ever be able to discuss fully in public, but when I actually get documentation of it, maybe I can say a little more here, at least regarding its nature.