Congressman Slams Maher Over Army Remark – Yahoo! News

Here we go again.

6 Responses to “Congressman Slams Maher Over Army Remark – Yahoo! News”

  1. Travis Johnson Says:

    I wish I could say “I don’t believe it.”

  2. Corey Bond Says:

    “The plight of Bill Maher reminds me of something Ezra Pound wrote about London in 1919: ‘A single intelligent remark can destroy a man’s entire career.'”

    —Robert Anton Wilson, on the cancelation of Politically Incorrect

  3. Bart Lidofsky Says:

    Some people have no sense of humor. And some people are idiots. Put them all together, we have a Congressman…

  4. mark haden frazer Says:

    You can take some comfort in the fact that dozens of folks from all over the country have e-mailed this knuclehead and verbally beaten his backside over his inane & unfortunate gaffe.

    Which proves not everyone is asleep all the time.

    Look: The current Republican/Religious Right/Facist Asshole Party will do they ALWAYS do when they get power: Try to impose their skewed 14th century morality on the rest of us until they trip themselves up so HORRIBLY, that even their closest allies gotta sit up & take notice – and the dumb fuckers will all get ousted. It’ll happen. Bush – or one of his upper-echelon bully boys -will stumble, fall and/or be exposed & then we’ll move on.

    It’s only taking longer this time because Americans are stupider now than when Watergate took place.

  5. Brian Spence Says:

    Thanks for the cheery words Mark. I think the Republicans are going down, too.

    I wouldn’t think that Americans are dumber, it’s really a lack of giving a shit. If this war expands and more people have to serve, we’ll see people start rethinking how we got into this whole mess.

  6. Travis Johnson Says:

    Right. Americans tend to be less apathetic when something threatens to effect them directly. Case in point, the war in Iraq. If the Bush administration was ever stupid enough to reinstate the draft, the streets would be teeming with people demonstrating.

    Then again, volunteers for Bush’s crusade are beginning to dwindle and, Lord knows, he’s never been afraid of doing anything stupid.