How to Post Comments

Several people have already written, asking me how to leave a comment.

Click on the word “Comments” at the bottom of each post. If there are already comments present, it will display them, along with a form for entering your own. If not, you’ll just get the form.

(Yeah, there was a glitch in the Inaugural posting that prevented that. It’s been fixed.)

2 Responses to “How to Post Comments”

  1. JohnH985 Says:

    Welcome to the world of blogging. I just started it not that long ago. I am a writer, not much of a published one, some comic work years ago, but like you said writers write…and expect for a brief spell that I’m coming out of I find myself having to write, even if I dont’ sell it. But mainly I wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for all your great work. When I was growing up on comics yours was some of my favorites. Howard the Duck and the Defenders are still some of my favorites. The did an Essential Howard, any idea if they plan to on the Defenders? I would love to have a complete collection of your run on that title. Ok, I’ll end now before I embarass myself. Keep up the great work and good luck in the future.

  2. stephen Says:

    That’s it? Let’s hear it for Lady Discipline! Or should that go on a Chris Claremont comment?

    Looking forward to a real entry in the near future. I hope.