Presidential Head Games

Speaking of Roshomonics, here’s an interesting article from the *Huffington Post*: Why Bush Believes His Lies.

I’m going back to my break now.

5 Responses to “Presidential Head Games”

  1. Brian Spence Says:

    You can really tell that Bush is a serious born again christian. He has his blinders on so tight to the rest of the world. Only HE knows the truth because he’s had this religious experience.

  2. micah Says:

    This is the first comment to this article:

    Bush didn’t refuse to meet with “Mother” Sheehan, he DID meet with her. How many meetings should she get, Justin?

    Posted by: James C. on August 16, 2005 at 06:19PM

    If this is true then who is really guilty of Roshomonics? This piece of information negates the article. It creates proof that the writer of the article is out of touch with reality or intentionally distorting it.
    I know, I know, it’s okay because the right do it too.
    This is the disturbing thing about the political left.
    From Michael Moore on down it seems that it is justified to present misinformation and then ease into a long ad hominem attack.
    I definitely don’t agree with many right wing views but I find myself unable to find credibility in the left with so many pieces out there like this one.
    Hold yourselves to a higher standard please! Facts only!

  3. Philip Shropshire Says:

    Steve, you are one of my favorite writers. I think that you’re one of the few Americans that can actually hang with this snotty yet gifted brit prolifieration of writers. I have a fan question: will you ever complete Void Indigo and will we ever see a prose fiction “Voice of the Fire” kind of project come out of you?

    Sincerely, from a guy who learned about politics and journalism from Howard the Duck,

    Philip Shropshire

  4. Brian Spence Says:

    Micah, you just proved Steve’s point about Roshomonics.

    If I’ve ever seen Bush honestly doubt himself and the righteousness of what he’s doing, I’d give him more respect. Yet he continues to speak in black and white terms. Despite not having any evidence of WMDs or a threat to the US, he sent us to war in Iraq. Then it’s, “Hey, sorry Sheehan, but I’ve got to get on with my life.” Meaning: I don’t give a shit what you or anyone else thinks, I’m still doing my own thing.

    No self-doubt, no remorse, totally lacking in wisdom and leadership qualities. That’s Bush. He’s going to lead us over a cliff.

  5. micah Says:

    If Bush had a conversation with this woman he is not guilty of Roshomonics. It nullifies the entire point of the article, that Bush can’t even bear to hear an opinion that differs from his own. It’s not true.
    I agree that Bush has presented no proof of WMD and there are a lot of reasons to leave Iraq. I never said I was for the war in Iraq. I just want to read balanced information where I can get it, if thats at all possible today.
    I don’t feel the need to portray this man as a psychopath just because he has opinions that differ from my own. He should be attacked with facts.
    What about the families with sons and daughters in Iraq who support the war? Are you guilty of Roshomonics because you simply disagree with them? Of course not.
    What I am objecting to is throwing labels at people instead of the presentation of arguments to support a point.