“DC In Demand” Quote

Editor Joan Hilty asked me for a quote to be used for the 10.05 edition of the “DC In Demand” page, which will carry an item about *Hard Time* and will run in all of the DC comics issued that month. I suggested, in part, the following:

“You’ve just experienced a year of changes in the DC Universe. Now experience a comic book that will change *you*.”

I hope they use it, and if they do, all of you blog readers can take some credit for having inspired it.

7 Responses to ““DC In Demand” Quote”

  1. Fish Says:

    Wow. I just got goose pimples!

  2. Don Alsafi Says:

    Yay! Very much looking forward to it.

    Beyond HT, do you have any other comic works coming up? I’ve been loving Hard Time, but I also wonder what a book like you – set in the changed DCU – would look like. It’d be damn exciting, I think.

  3. Don Alsafi Says:

    (Uh … shoulda have been “book by you”. Think I’d have learned to proofread before posting by now.)

  4. Steve Gerber Says:

    I’ve been talking with DC about a new version of one of their oldest characters. We’ll see what happens.

    (And before anyone asks — yes, I’m applying my own criteria to working on a character created by others. One of the creators of this character is deceased; the other left the comics industry many decades ago.)

  5. J. Alexander Says:

    Steve, just a note to tell you that based on your work on HARD TIMES, I will order from Diamond any title you choose to do from DC. New, old, Wildstorm or Vertigo.

  6. Dan Coyle Says:

    Great quote, Steve.

    And looking forward to whatever you do, be it yours or someone else’s character.

  7. Mark Patterson Says:

    Dear Mr. Gerber,

    I notice that it’s been a number of days since you posted anything new. I hope that you are well.