…and Grooving with a Picket

Back in the Time of Purgation, I quoted a verse from a 1967 Rolling Stones song called “Sitting on a Fence”. There are two other verses, and one seems pertinent to the events of the past couple of days.

The day can come when you get old and sick and tired of life.

You just never realize

Maybe the choice you made wasn’t really right.

But you go out and you don’t come back at night, so

I’m just sittin’ on a fence.

You can say I got no sense.

Tryin’ to make up my mind

Really is too horrifyin’.

So I’m sittin’ on a fence.

Nope, nothing to do with women this time.

I’m thinking about my relationship to comic books…and certain aspects of existence in general.

5 Responses to “…and Grooving with a Picket”

  1. Alistair Says:

    Well, I assume, The Stones were young men when they wrote that. Maybe they have a different view now?

    Steve, I’ve been listening to the definitive Simon and Garfunkel tape I found early summer. It is just so beautiful; I’ve listened to it endlessly. I love Wednesday morning, 3.am best, but there are so many others I like as well. Thanks for tip!


  2. Richard Beland Says:

    “Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict”. That’s about as far out as music can get.

  3. Steve Gerber Says:

    Wish I could claim credit for having discovered “…Pict” on my own, but that was a gift from the ex.

    I returned the favor, though, with *The Fugs’ First Album*, among others.

    Hey! What do you know? Now that my health has been destroyed and the metaphorical roof has caved in, I can talk about this without a bottomless hole yawning open in the pit of my stomach!

    Fer joy.

  4. Alex Krislov Says:

    I have never forgiven the Fugs for “Haiku” on their album It Crawled Into My Hand, Honest. I can’t see the word “Haiku” without thinking of the line, “Do not tell me I am source of your knockup. The mud elephant, wading through the sea, leaves no tracks.”

    Try studying English lit with that bounding around in your skull.

    And, Steve, questioning your life isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but speaking for myself, I’m damned impressed with a lot of what you’ve produced in yours.

  5. Jennifer Says:

    ONLY you could interpret Stones lyrics. I think you cheated! Please regail us with another witty blog.