Nevada has early voting, so I cast my ballot today.

The place was packed around two in the afternoon, and had been that way, one poll worker said, all day. I suspect there’s going to be a far bigger turnout this year than is typical for a midterm election.

Oh — before I forget, a word of appreciation to John Kerry for *almost* proving me right about the Dems finding a way to blow this election. You didn’t quite hit it out of the park, John, but it was a commendable effort. You’ve gotta wonder who’ll try to top it before the polls open Tuesday morning…

12 Responses to “Election”

  1. Andy Rochman Says:

    Steve, please email me at [email protected]. I need your email address. I wanted to let you know A. J. Montesi, age 85, has gone to “My Godfather” knows where and I thought you might be interested to see his obituary. My apologies for contacting you in this fashion but that’s what happens when folks loose track of one another and become chronologically challenged: We don’t do the best we can; rather, we do the first thing that comes to us!

    Best Regards,

  2. Bart Lidofsky Says:

    A big problem was Kerry’s bullheaded refusal to admit that he had done anything wrong combined with his past defamation of the military. Had he just said, within a few hours, something like, “I wanted to make a statement on the stupidity of George Bush. Because I stumbled over my words, it came out as a statement accusing those who join the U.S. military of stupidity. It was a wrong statement to make, and certainly not the one I intended to make. I guess I was the stupid one.” he would have sailed clear of the criticism. Note that he STILL has not admitted that he said anything wrong; only that people misinterpreted what he said.

  3. gordon Says:

    if true, then it only proves that democrats can be as bull-headed as republicans in accepting responsibility. But look at the difference — Kerry doesn’t want to admit he may have made a stupid comment that killed no one. Bush and his cabal…? They’ve killed thousands with the lies they won’t admit to or take responsilibity. Nope — every one of ’em has done a “fantastic” job.

  4. Stephen Payne Says:

    Only Bill Clinton saying “Saddam Hussein should have been found not guilty” could top Kerry’s little verbal faux pas.

    I’m voting for Kinky!

  5. Stephen Payne Says:

    Also, I mentioned before that the Democrats had trouble solidifying their base because the only thing they could all agree on was that they weren’t Republicans. Given all the negative things bouncing around the news right now, that might be all they need.

  6. Jim Brocius Says:

    Rah Rah Rah Question 7

  7. gordon Says:

    Steve… apparently the democrats didn’t live down to your expectations…


  8. Joaquim Says:

    Honestly I don’t see much difference between democrats and republicans, never did, puppet on the left and the one on the right really, however, Bush is going, no doubt, down in history as the symbol of north american arrogance and redneck stupidity.

  9. gordon Says:

    “Honestly,” Joaquim?

    You need to take another look at where we’ve been for the last 6 years…

  10. Jennifer Says:

    Go Dems, especially here in Missouri! Steve, you must be really tired and sleeping, or working on a project; where are your always appreciated political musings?

  11. Stephen Payne Says:

    Donald Rumsfeld fired (excuse me, “resigns”) and Steve is mum on the subject?

  12. Pearce Says:

    I’d like to congratulate the American populace for not voting as stupidly this election as they have in the past.

    As those of us in the rest of the world have to help clean up the mess your country makes, we are very grateful. Let’s hope your carefully considered voting was not in vain.