Tuesday Night

Nothing terribly profound.

I’m surprised and hugely pleased that the Dems didn’t blow it.

If they prove they can govern, they’ll retake the presidency in 2008, and that’s fine with me, too — as long as they *lose* one house of Congress in 2010. It’s become abundantly clear that, at least most of the time, either the House or Senate has to be controlled by the party that’s not in the White House. Otherwise, as we’ve just seen with the Republicans, arrogance runs rampant, compromise becomes impossible (or irrelevant), and corruption becomes a given.

5 Responses to “Tuesday Night”

  1. Dwight Williams Says:

    In Canada’s case, we simply make sure from now on that every time we elect a new batch of Members of Parliament that whoever gets the “Government Party” tag has to run the place as a minority government. That way, they’re forced to play the coalition-building game. After the last few decades of seeing the consequences of majority governments(not unlike what we’ve seen in Washington these last six years), it’s the sanest way.

  2. Stephen Payne Says:

    Since 1968, mixed government has been the only thing to encourage real growth. Democratic Party control of government in the 1960s (see Steve, I didn’t say “Democrat Party”) allowed for the same problems that Republican Party control in 2000s did (entry into unpopular war, loss of respect around the world, growing civil unrest, etc.).

  3. Philip Shallcrass Says:

    Hi Steve,
    I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Hard Times, how much pleasure I’ve got from following your work over the last thirty-whatever years, and to ask how Leonard the Duck is doing these days. I really miss the little guy. He should run for president in 2008. A non-lame duck for president. Surely that’s an idea that would sell with the average US voter?
    Speaking of which, I agree that it’s good news about the midterms. Over here in England there is an awful lot of anti-American feeling because of Bush/Cheney and the war in Iraq. And we’re supposed to be your closest allies. The fact is, our government may support the war, most of the people don’t. Those of us with American friends are continually having to explain that things are much the same in the US. Save us all from the ‘end-timers…’
    Re. your query about cover versions of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Suzanne,’ I was with a band that did an extended punk thrash version in the early ’80s. We were called The Twice Amorous Maniac Douglas Baders. We also did a rather splendid improvisation to Ginsburg’s ‘Howl.’ Don’t look for us in your local record store. We played about two gigs. I don’t think the Great British public was quite ready for us.
    Peace and love (guess that dates me…)

  4. haven o'terrorism Says:

    Now, Dwight, if only they can learn the rules of that game!

    I personally see at least one upside to majority governments: fury. If you’ve got crap politicians, a majority government will expose them in an unambiguous way that can’t easily be whitewashed, and that’s good, because I think we need an occasional reminder of just how much they’ll abandon good government if we let them.

    I know, the medicine’s worse than the disease! But at least you don’t have to wonder what it is you’re fighting for.

    By the way, congratulations America!

  5. Brian Spence Says:

    I’m with you most of the way, Steve, except that I’d like to see Democrats get more power just long enough to really implement a true health care solution. Then we can go back to our normal gridlock.

    I’m pretty jealous of the kind of racket the RNC had going with the whole government in their hands. They got away with murder.