Feed Your Inner Fanboy

Monday got away from me, so the post about *Hard Time: Season 2* will have to wait a day or so while I catch up on work.

Meantime, allow me to plug a project with which I have no association at all, except as a reader.

If you’re a fan of Golden or Silver Age comics, you really ought to be reading *Alter Ego*, Roy Thomas’ monthly magazine from TwoMorrows Publishing.

Alter Ego No. 45

Every issue is full of gems about the history of comics — interviews with artists and writers whose careers date back to the 1940s; surveys of comics characters, magazines, and publishers; even articles about the history of comics *fandom*, which has been in existence now for more than four decades. I know that for a fact, since I was one of the people who received a copy of the first, ditto-reproduced issue of *Alter-Ego* in the mail in 1961. I was 14 years old.

3 Responses to “Feed Your Inner Fanboy”

  1. gordon kent Says:

    Looks like Tuesday got away from you, too…


  2. Steve Gerber Says:

    Internet outage.

    No — really.

  3. Bryan Headley Says:

    And you’re right: everyone should have copies of AE strewn about… As for Flessel, that’s a mighty damn fine cover, THEN you consider his age…!