Pope Trek

A post on the *Star Trek Enterprise* BBS:

The new Pope’s first official statement contains a call for Viacom to produce a 5th season of “Star Trek Enterprise” and describes “Star Trek” as “a beacon of hope throughout the world. Legion are the stories of youth receiving their first moral and vocational instruction from the iconic figures of Kirk and Spock.”

The statement goes on to praise Enterprise’s fourth season, puzzling observers who noted that Italy’s RAI network has not yet aired any ENT episodes beyond Season Two and prompting speculation that an encyclical addressing the ethics of Internet peer-to-peer file swapping will be an early project of the new Pontiff.

Vatican insiders report that the College of Cardinals were startled when the newly elected Holy Father of the Church responded to the traditional “What name will you be known by?” with “Jean Picard I”.

Okay, so I’m easily amused.

And no, you’re not allowed to ask why the hell I was reading a *Star Trek* BBS.

One Response to “Pope Trek”

  1. Bryan Headley Says:

    This can only be followed up with a wag mentioning that he thought “George Ringo” was due after two “John Pauls”.