Accept No Substitute

There are lots of things that are hipper (maybe), lots of things that are more contemporary, lots of things that will get you more girls and more respect from Vertigo readers — and more girl Vertigo readers — but sometimes there’s just no substitute for the tonic effect of the Beach Boys’ “Fun Fun Fun” blasting through a pair of headphones.

She walks, looks, and drives like an ace, and screw anybody who’s too conventionally cool to deal with it.

The script is coming along okay, I think, but I’m working vampire hours again, and I had been trying to keep to a day schedule. That’s always been difficult for me. I was born at 12:01 a.m. I’m noctournal by nature.

4 Responses to “Accept No Substitute”

  1. Alex Krislov Says:

    Face facts, Steve-o, you’re out of touch! You’re supposed to be out Flogging Molly, or Phishing for Good Charlotte. You get no fun, fun, fun ’til daddy takes that T-bird away anymore. Nobody remembers what a t-bird is.

  2. Steve Gerber Says:

    Are you kidding? It’s amazing anybody remembers what a daddy is.

  3. Mark H. Says:

    C’mon, man. I see people on tv all day long lookin’ for they baby daddy.

  4. Bryan Headley Says:

    Brian Wilson’s later stuff (Pet Sounds, Smile) is much better. Still compelling listening. Plus he still belts out BB stuff when moved…