I’m still a few pages from finishing the script, but it couldn’t wait any longer. I sent out the stuff I had done to the editor and artist.

I hate doing that.

Mary hates it even more than I do.

Sending out an incomplete script, even if it’s just a few pages short, is like sending out an engraved invitation to pick the thing apart. It’s not even the editor’s fault. It’s somehow human nature to perceive a *nearly* finished project — even if it’s, say, 85 out of 86 stories of the Empire State Building — as far more malleable than a finished one.

I have to learn to write faster.

One Response to “Arrgh.”

  1. Roger Benningfield Says:

    Steve: Just thought I’d let you know that your blog’s RSS feed is kinda screwed up. There’s some kind of PHP error being thrown, and the error message is being prepended to the file.