The Downing Street Memo

You may have heard the Downing Street memo mentioned once or twice, in passing, if you watch the news in America. Its significance, however, is rarely discussed by our so-called “liberal media.”

The “memo” actually consists of meeting minutes transcribed during the British Prime Minister’s meeting on July 23, 2002.

It leaves very little doubt that our Prosthedent lied to take this country to war.

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  1. Forrest Says:


  2. Brian Spence Says:

    The major story that I hear is how it’s not a major story in America. You would think that the media would go after Bush now that his popularity is at an all time low.

  3. Elayne Riggs Says:

    For more information:

    After Downing Street

    Big Brass Alliance

    Conyers got his hearing – it’ll be next Thursday, June 16. Joe Wilson will be one of the witnesses. Petitions will be delivered to the White House immediately thereafter.

  4. weblackey Says:

    Thanks for the link to our site, We work very hard to make this a resource for presenting the facts on these documents in a relatively straightforward manner, not a lot of partisan spin… because the facts stand on their own.

    From our About Us page… was launched on May 13, 2005. At that time, and for weeks afterward, it was the sole site on the internet dedicated to informing the American public of the document and encouraging grassroots activism on the topic. The site has a single purpose: informing our fellow citizens about the document and related information.

    We created this website out of frustration with the American media. Although The Times of London broke the story on May 1st, the media here in the United States refused to report on it for weeks.

    Consequently, on May 11th, 2005, with the input of other concerned citizens online, three average citizens decided to set up a website. 48 hours later, the site was launched. And a month later, the site remains the most popular and authorative site on the subject. With nearly half a million visitors, proves that the American public yearns to be informed.

    While we make no claims of being non-partisan, we are not supported by or otherwise affiliated with any interest group or political party. After receiving emails asking, “who are you?” and hearing that some who find it difficult to believe that a handful of concerned citizens could produce an online resource such as this, we want to let it be known that yes, ordinary citizens can indeed reach out to the nation when necessary in the pursuit of truth.”

    So thanks for the help, us “regular citizens” can use every bit! Seeking the truth is a non-partisan activity…

    the team