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  1. Bart Lidofsky Says:

    Briliant idea.

  2. Michael Garcia Says:

    Hahaha. Nice.

  3. Nat Gertler Says:

    As a reminder to anyone posting links: to help search engines find the site, put the relevant text in the link itself.

  4. Forrest Says:

    (external link added)

  5. Bob Kennedy Says:

    Steve, could you spell a few things out for me? I’m not clear on them.

    Are you upset that they’re reviving this character without your input? I’m not aware of you ever expressing any interest in reviving it since, maybe, 1977, nearly 30 years ago. By comparison, you revived the Guardians of the Galaxy about five years after their initial appearance, and the members of the Headmen about fifteen years after theirs. Isn’t there a cutoff point where using other writers’ characters stops being a scab act? Maybe 15 years after the original creator abandons interest in it?

    Are you concerned that they’ll forget to put “Created by Steve Gerber” and Mary Skrenes” on it? ‘Cause they slapped something like that on the Daydreamers LS for Howard the Duck, and you compared it to having the finger flipped at you.

    How proprietary do you really feel about this particular character? Doesn’t Marvel have a “Use it or lose it” obligation to maintain its trademarks?

    I’d really like to understand where you’re coming from here. What, specifically, should they be giving you here?

  6. Bob Kennedy Says:

    At Steve’s private suggestion, I went to the Yahoo Groups HTD site to see what’s been said about Omega, so I’m better informed on the specific issues and various parties’ stances on them.

    In the late 70s/early 80s, there was a small but specific list of characters that fans and pros alike knew should not be touched by any writer with any sense of decency, except for the writer who originated them: HTD, Mantis, Elektra, Silver St. Cloud, one or two others. (Warlock and Killraven were sort of on the list as well, even though the writers most closely associated with them didn’t actually originate them.)

    To be honest, I’d never considered Omega the Unknown to be part of this select group, if only because it didn’t have the same kind of ferocious fan base as the other characters. Obviously, some characters have dropped off this list and others (Watchmen, the Endless) have added on. And now, depending on how groundbreaking the new OTU series is, so has Omega.