So When Does the Whining Stop?

Now that Republicans control the White House, the Senate, the House of Representatives, the Supreme Court, and Sesame Street, I have three questions for America:

1. Where’s paradise?

2. When does the whining stop? Why do crybaby conservatives and fundamentalist Christians still feel so put-upon? What else do they need? Do all the blue people have to expire before conservatives can be happy? (The blue people not already on life support, I mean; if your brain has shriveled to the size of a pea, you fit right in, and they’ll do anything to keep you alive.)

3. When do Democrats wise up and stop running away from Howard Dean? This guy is exactly what the Democratic party needs — a spokesman who’s willing to be as aggressive, relentless, and outrageous as any of the Republicans’ legion of slanderers.

12 Responses to “So When Does the Whining Stop?”

  1. Frankie Says:

    Amen on the Republican whining. It is remarkable the victim complex they have. 3 or 4 months ago, I was watching one of ther cable networks, and they had some Evangelical whacko on. This was the week that Jon Stewart was on the cover of Entertainment Weekly as “Entertainer of the Year.” Anyway, this Evangelical was on a tirade about that, talking about how “real Americans” didn’t want to see this guy’s face when they stood in line at the grocery store, and that they weren’t going to stand for this kind of “persecution” much longer. It was awe-inspiring. You’d think Christians were being sent off to the killing fields of cambodia. But nope, a comedianne he doesn’t like got a magazine cover!

  2. Tom Peyer Says:

    You’re right, all the whining from the right is ugly and unseemly. I call it The Rage Of The Uptrodden.

  3. Forrest Says:

    Maybe they’re…worried.

    Provoking War

  4. Frankie Says:

    I don’t think it’s worry, just a strategy. Being the bully who plays the victim is a very effective strategy. Hell, all this whining about the liberal media is no more than playing the refs. They know damn well there’s no liberal bias in the media.

  5. Bart Lidofsky Says:

    Note, however, that the Republicans cleverly used Karl Rove to spout their idiocy, as, at least officially, he is a realtively minor functionary, while the Democrats used party leader Howard Dean and Democrat party whip Dick Durbin to spout THEIR idiocy.

  6. Jer Says:

    Bart –

    Except that Howard Dean is the Chair of the Democratic Party and represents ONLY Democrats. Dick Durbin is a Senator and again represents ONLY his constituency from Illinois. They have to listen to their constituencies and can be removed from their job if the people don’t like what they are saying. In short, they have a level of personal responsibility for what they say.

    Rove is the Deputy Chief of Staff for the President of the United States – an office that represents ALL Americans. When he speaks, he represents the President and by extention should behave as if he is speaking for America. We pay his damn salary, and he should show some respect to the citizens of this fine nation and not be slandering their names.

  7. James Hudnall Says:

    Yeah, Republicans should be like Democrats who never complain. They’re such a joyful positive bunch. 🙂

  8. Tom Peyer Says:

    I don’t see the parallel, James. Whining isn’t attractive on anyone, but when the masters of all three branches of government squeal like victims, it’s super extra unseemly.

  9. Frankie Says:

    Yeah, James, there is a big difference.

    The Republicans are a bunch of sore winners, and my mother taught me very early that a sore winner is the worst kind of coward and bully. They also can dish it out, but can’t take it, and my mother had some choice words for people like that, too.

    Regardless, this is all smoke and mirrors. America is getting it’s ass kicked in Iraq, 60% of the American public now opposes the war, we are in a deep recruitment crisis where the military is so weakened and demoralized that not even those who support the war are willing to enlist, and the President has finally been revealed as an inept Commander in Chief. All that Bush has anymore is distraction. Why should it be shocking when his administration comes out and says if you disagree with him, you are a traitor who was dancing for joy on 9/11? Bush is a pussy and a coward and a LOSER, and that is not a good thing to be in America.

  10. Brian Spence Says:

    Jer, you make a great point about Rove having to speak for all of us. He’s such a dick.

    As an aside, I love how the people around Bush get to pick their own jobs. Dick gave himself the VP job, Rove picked his job, Condi gave herself a promotion, etc. Bush is worthless as a leader.

  11. Bart Lidofsky Says:

    Jer: Karl Rove carefully used the term “liberals”, denoting a poliical point of view (albeit he was referring to the extremists, like the people, rather than mainstream liberals), while Dean referred to Republicans while describing the extremist right rather than the mainstream Republicans, and Durbin referred to the military as a whole. Deputy Chief of Staff is not a major policy-making position; a Senate Whip has MUCH more power over policy, and is paid by all of us, as well.

  12. Pete Says:

    I dont understand it either. On the Contrary which is a show on PBS had a good episode today about Access to abortion and it just made me think of all the ways Conservatives want to control people. I think the Republicans and their supporters in America need to watch Aftermath: The Remnants of War which recently aired on Free Speech TV. The war in Iraq will continue for a long time even after we pull out. Also I want to mention tonights 60 Minutes, which discussed those who served their time in the military but we’re being recalled for active military duty. One guy was like 42, had served 16 yrs in the armed forces and had a screw in his arm cuz of an injury. OK sorry I went all of the place with my post, just had so many good tidbits worth mentioning.