Random Notes

  • Without any asssistance from me, Rich Johnston has done some further reporting on the Omega the Unknown situation. Wherever his information is coming from, it’s pretty good. You can read his current column here. He’s dug up a little more dirt on the Ultraverse matter, too.
  • On the Yahoo Howard the Duck group, Derek Anderson posted the following: “Both Steve and Howard get a couple of nice “name checks” in this article by Don Simpson of “Megaton Man” and “Border
    Worlds” fame: http://comicsaintart.blogspot.com/2005/06/clarinet-comics.html.” I agree. It’s an interesting piece.
  • Chris Matthews broadcast his Hardball program from a church in Nashville Tuesday afternoon. Discussion of church and state separation led naturally to the principle of respect for minority rights in a democracy and then, in the town meeting portion of the program, to a rather strident blonde lady bleating about the lack of respect for majority rights in America.

    It struck me that in contemporary America it’s become very difficult to tell the Christians from the lions.

5 Responses to “Random Notes”

  1. Brian Spence Says:

    That kind of goes back to your other post about their whining, doesn’t it? How can these people complain when they own the White House, the Congress, and the Supreme Court? I’ve got a Catholic background, and these people are what turned me away from it all.

    I thought Don Simpson’s article was cool, too.

  2. Brian Spence Says:

    Ok, I’ve forgotten my HTML. I wanted to put this at the beginning of my post in quotes:

    “…lady bleating about the lack of respect for majority rights in America.”

  3. John R. Troy Says:

    One thing I find interesting is this:


    If Joe Quesada can grant Paul Jenkins a “gentleman’s agreement” for Sentry, and DC can for Neil Gaiman, why can’t he do similar things for Steve or others.

    In the 80’s it seemed that at least the creators knew what not to touch. I don’t think any creator wanted to touch Howard after the lawsuit, and most people respected Jim Starlin’s work enough not to use Warlock or Thanos until he came back.

    Yet now, it seems that they want to just delve up any 70’s creation. They did a 4-issue Warlock series, which had dismal sales, likely because they didn’t solicit it well and people thought they were rebooting Warlock, which angered fans. (Ironically, Greg respected the work of Starlin and it did tie in, but the damage was done).

    I’ve also noticed a peculiar lack of the “Created” credit that Marvel used to have in the 1980s and 1990s. They used to have items like “Created by Writer and Artist”, at least with the newer works. Now, those credits have disappeared. I wonder if lawsuits have made Marvel less creator-friendly.

  4. Bart Lidofsky Says:

    Jim Starlin did not create Warlock; he recreated him. As Starlin himself acknowledged, before he took over, Warlock had been born, fought the Fantastic Four, Thor, became Jesus, and was crucified, with the Hulk acting as an unwilling Judas (although you wouldn’t have known they even knew each other from the two Starln authored encounters between Warlock and the Hulk).

  5. John R. Troy Says:

    When did I say Starlin Created Warlock? That wasn’t my point.

    People respected his storyline, that’s the point I was trying to make, and the character earned a reputation that nobody would touch him.