RFID: Tagged, You’re It!

John Dvorak in *PC Magazine* on radio frequency identification devices.

One Response to “RFID: Tagged, You’re It!”

  1. Bart Lidofsky Says:

    Note: Although, in order to get people to use them, EZ-Pass tags are not used as indirect proof of speeding (taking the timestamps on them and using them to calculate average speed), they ARE being used in court by both defense and prosecution to prove the defendant’s car was or was not in a certain place at a certain time.

    New York currently uses a cash card for public transportation. If the police physically get a card, they can find every time and place the card was used. Many riders will not pay for their cards with a credit or debit card, because if they do, police, people with the right connections and sufficiently skilled hackers can trace their moves just from computer records (and THESE have been used as evidence in courts, as well).