The Cosmic Significance of Covered Parking

I received a very important piece of mail today, and I can’t really tell you about it — except to say that it’s confirmation of the personal news I received a few weeks ago. I have reason to be very happy.

At the same time, the universe is sending me signs.

I can allow myself a soupçon of joy, but the cosmos draws a line at complacency.

I live in an apartment complex with assigned parking. For the last few weeks, the space next to mine has been occupied by a vehicle that is the same make, model, and color as the car owned by my most recent ex, the one who used to share this apartment with me.

Like the *Omega* situation, the ghost car (that’s how I think of it; it doesn’t even have a rear license plate) is an indication that the time has come to move on — emotionally, creatively, residentially.

Okay, universe, old pal. I can take a hint.

10 Responses to “The Cosmic Significance of Covered Parking”

  1. dj anderson Says:

    You know, St. Paul, MN is a GREAT place to “move on” to.

    Great artistic scene, lots of theaters, cool people, crazy weather, and some of the nicest folks this side of Smallville. Well, without all the super-villains.

    I’m just saying.

    derek anderson

  2. Brian Spence Says:

    I love the suspense. Any timeline on when we’ll find out about this great cosmic good news you received??

    Oh, and change is good. Because wherever you are is where you most want to be.

  3. Beth Says:

    Or, maybe the universe is providing you a way to de-sensitize yourself to and come to terms with “the car.”

  4. Alistair Says:

    The ghost car, er, not like that one that crashed into Captai[n America’s apartment back in the 70s I hope.

  5. Alex Krislov Says:

    I have trouble wrapping my head around this kind of thinking because I’m such a homebody. Leaving college and grad school aside, I’ve lived in the same town my entire life–46 of my 53 years on this earth. Maybe that’s limited me–I dunno. My personal theme song is “This Is Where I Belong,” the old Kinks single. My maternal family is the same–wherever I go, I run into cousins, uncles, aunts, family friends. That’s what staying in one place since the Spanish-American war will do for you, I guess.

    On another matter: remember that Defenders anthology that reprinted the great “Too Cold a Night for Dying!”? Well, Marvel is never content to do something right; “overkill” is their motto. So you can get the reprint in color now, in a new collection called Giant Size Marvel. Twenty-five smackers at a comic-book store near you.

    I take it as given that you didn’t get a cent for this.

  6. Bob Kennedy Says:

    Gee, Steve, I don’t think they’ll let you back into NY, LA or Cleveland. I guess it’s Miami…

  7. Steve Gerber Says:

    Who said anything about leaving Las Vegas?

    It’s just time to find a new apartment.

  8. Bob Kennedy Says:

    Hunh. I guess what happens there really does stay there.

  9. Steve Gerber Says:

    Bob: And believe me, I *am* happenin’.

  10. Bart Lidofsky Says:

    So you’re stayin’.