I’ve been occupied finishing a script over the holiday weekend, and when that was done I sort of fell under the weather and was crushed. So I haven’t posted much the past couple of days. I’ll make an effort to remedy that starting tomorrow.

For instance, I’ve been wondering why I don’t blog more about comics…

4 Responses to “Apologies…”

  1. Elayne Riggs Says:

    Regarding your last sentence – boy do I hear you there! I spend most of my bloggy time feeling guilty that I don’t blog more about comics. 🙂

  2. Jason Sacks Says:

    In light of the tragic events in England today, I wonder why all I blog about is comics…

  3. Alistair Says:

    Steve and others,

    Re. Depression
    I apologise for my off the cuff and rather unsympathetic remark, including quoting from Hamlet, I made about depression a few weeks ago.

    This issue is much more complex than my sweeping comment suggested. Actually, I do think that an individual’s experience of depression is very real.

    I’ll try harder to be more thoughtful and considerate before I respond again to such a complex topic.


  4. Richard Beland Says:

    Two nonexistent words that I find irksome are “irregardless” and “overexaggerating”. Both are redundant.

    Steve: I’m assuming the veteran was implying that you were a commie or a pinko. On the other hand, a website detailing the history of fanzines claims that circa 1968 you were a “pro-war supporter” heckling the protesters at an anti-war rally. (Maybe they were confusing you with Ted Sallis in “A Candle For Sainte-Cloud”.)