London Calling

“We’re fighting the terrorists in Iraq so we don’ t have to fight them here.” — Some Lying Fuck or Another

Profound condolences and shared outrage from the blue people of America to our British friends.

4 Responses to “London Calling”

  1. Brian Spence Says:

    That’s what’s been going through my head ever since I first heard about the attack.

    I feel like an ass saying “I told you so”, but Christ, how could they not think the terrorists could fight us in two places at once?


  2. gordon kent Says:

    I suppose they assumed that the terrorists couldn’t wage war on more than one front because we don’t seem to be able to do that ourselves.

  3. Brian Spence Says:

    Point taken

  4. Therich Says:

    What could most expect from a half-wit? Comments such as that are the gas that these “terroists” are using to fuel their attacks. “Just listen to the American fool Akbar, does even his countrymen know he is moron.”