More *Hard Time* Promotion Surprises

*Hard Time Season 2* #1 is slated to be a *Wizard* featured pick for December/January.

Diamond Comics Distributors has also given the book a nice write-up on its website.

And although I haven’t seen it, I’m told DC took a full-page ad for the book in *Previews*, as well. (Can anyone provide a scan I could post here?)

I don’t know what monstrous evil we’ve committed to garner all this attention, but I hope it’s something appropriately debauched.

2 Responses to “More *Hard Time* Promotion Surprises”

  1. David Medinnus Says:

    Perhaps its some debouchery you have yet to commit, in the “pay it forward” theme… *grin*

  2. Dennis Says:

    Well, I hope it translates to big sales!