My friend Taylor Grant sent me the following email this afternoon:

Go to

Type in the word “failure.”

Instead of clicking “Google search,” click “I’m feeling lucky.”

Somebody deserves a medal at Google.

Try this quick. I doubt it’ll be working much longer.

6 Responses to “Failure”

  1. Craig Taylor Says:

    Uh Huh. Very official. Presidential even. I’d say it worked for me.

  2. Nat Gertler Says:

    Actually, you don’t have to worry about trying that quick; that one’s been working for quite a while.

    And no, it’s not something special that Google did. Instead, it’s an effort called a “googlebomb”, where plenty of webmasters simply link the term “failure” to that website. This causes the Google algorithm to link the word “failure” to that website.

    You can see Google discussing the effort here:

  3. Nat Gertler Says:

    And by “a fair while”, I’m talking going back to 2003:

  4. Roger Green Says:

    And some people are upset about it. (I mean, I’m not, but some folks are.)

  5. Dwight Williams Says:

    I am amused.

    But then, I am Canadian.

    (Defunct pre-Coors merger Molson slogan intended.)

  6. Claudio Piccinini Says:

    What a silly thing! =)